No Skills 3 Ford Mustangs Fail At Drifting & Cause Some Damage In The Process

No Skills - Ford Mustang Meeting. No Skills 3 Ford Mustangs Fail At Drifting & Cause Some Damage In The ProcessNo Skills 3 Ford Mustangs Fail At Drifting & Cause Some Damage In The ProcessNo Skills 3 Ford Mustangs Fail At Drifting & Cause Some Damage In The ProcessNo Skills 3 Ford Mustan...More

All Points Electric break-in

My buddy had a break in at his shop. He forgot what door he smashed upon exit... Someone smashed in a door at All Points Electric in Brandon early Thursday morning, but they had a little trouble getting out. The culprit also smashed three truck windows and two garage windows, but nothing was taken. ...More

Out To Sea? The Plastic Garbage Project

Plastic - a material for eternity? Inexpensive, simple to produce and able to adopt almost any desired characteristics, since the start of the 20th century this mineral oil based material has proceeded in a triumphal march through the world of consumption. But what happens to a plastic product at th...More

Halo: Nightfall First Look

Halo: Nightfall First Look. Halo: Nightfall introduces a pivotal new character, Jameson Locke, a legendary manhunter and agent with the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), Earth’s most powerful and secretive military branch. When he and his team are caught in a horrific biological attack, they unr...More

CNN Interview with RT Anchor Explodes: (FULL) Chris Cuomo vs Peter Lavelle.

Cnn anchor vs RT Anchor: Clashes of western and eastern propaganda. CNN New Day host Chris Cuomo, who's been reporting from Ukraine this week, got into an explosive dozen-minute shouting match with RT anchor Peter Lavelle Wednesday morning, as the two men largely yelled past each other over Russia's...More

Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda

Conan got his acting debut in this scene from another Roger Corman epic.


Not mine (Nothing is original) [2:52]. This is my graduate project in 'Graphic Design' at the HIT college in Israel. My thesis is that nothing is original, therefore, none of the materials presented in the project were made by me. All of the 469 photos used in this video were taken out of Google's...More

The 3 Second K.O.

MMA K.O. in under 5 seconds. The 3 Second K.O.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 - Red Band Trailer #1

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 - Red Band Trailer #1. Adam Scott joins the time-travel comedy sequel.

The Blind Photographer

Born deaf and with limited eyesight that degenerated into complete blindness, Brenden Borrellini still graduated high school and went on to earn a college degree in Australia. After those accomplishments, Brenden become a photographer.

Steve Jobs: Secrets of Life

Steve Jobs: Visionary Entrepreneur, a 60-minute film, is now available as a digital video download at this link:!steve-jobs-film/c1x1c This enlightening one-hour program stars Steve Jobs from an exclusive 1994, unscripted interview by the Silicon Valley Hist...More

Zach Wahls Speaks About Family

Zach Wahls, a 19-year-old University of Iowa student spoke about the strength of his family during a public forum on House Joint Resolution 6 in the Iowa House of Representatives. Wahls has two mothers, and came to oppose House Joint Resolution 6 which would end civil unions in Iowa. The fight to...More

Weird Al's incredible attention to detail

Weird Al's best music videos juxtaposed with their originals — this man and his team are extremely talented. Weird Al has just released eight new music videos off his latest album, "Mandatory Fun." In honor of the musician's 30-plus year career, here are eight of his best parodies compared with th...More

The LeBron James Redemption

Frank Caliendo reads LeBron James' homecoming essay in a Morgan Freeman voice that's so uncanny it's a little frightening.

Ortiz Big Papi, Kawasaki Little Papi

Kawasaki - "Ortiz Big Papi, Kawasaki Little Papi". Toronto Blue Jays infielder Munenori Kawasaki joins Barry Davis to comment on his exchange with Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz and his play as of late.


Cat Really Loves His Owner.

Zoidbergs in Africa

Zoidbergs in Africa. District 9 is a movie about several Zoibergs from Futurama living in Africa. This is from Fungo Review's District 9 review located here: Please support me on Patreon: Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter....More

Nightcrawler Trailer

Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Lou Bloom, who enters the world of underground freelance crime journalism in Los Angles.

The What's Underneath Project: Meredith Graves

We think Perfect Pussy's Meredith Graves is a radiant beauty and role model due to her guts to be exactly who she is. See her well-read 'tude, including her refusal to be the "skinny, pretty" lead singer, above in Part 6 of the What's Underneath Project. For more Meredith writing and links: http:/...More

Nathan For You - Frozen Yogurt

Nathan for You: Frozen Yogurt (Shit Flavor). Nathan Fielder assists small businesses struggling to make it in a competitive market. Real people. Real businesses. Results not guaranteed. Watch full episodes and get more on the new Comedy Central app.

Reddit Gold

Reddit Gold. Based on this Reddit comment:

Strong Women & the Creators that Empower Them

WonderCon Anaheim 2014 "Comics are full ofstrong and powerful women, not just physically but mentally and emotionally.Moderator James Robinson (Fantastic Four) discusses how to create these female icons with the people who bring them to life. Panelists include Anaheim special guests Rick Burchett (L...More

Careless Tailgater gets instant justice

Driver Tailgating a Cyclist Gets Instant Justice. Some guy in a Honda CRV thought that it was ok to tailgate me, on my bicycle, while I was doing a sprint down the street. But luckily a cop saw him tailgating me, because I didn't see the tailgater until I turned around to look for the cop. Making me...More

Space Station 76 Trailer

Finally, a movie that captures the golden age of science fiction films from the 1970s. Even though we didn't know we were waiting on a movie that looks like a 1970s science fiction movie.

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