The Pixar Theory What if I told you that all Pixar movies are connected? That all the characters in those movies actually live in the same universe, only in different times? How is that possible, watch this video and you'll find out. Based on "The Pixar Theory" by Jon Negroni http://...More

NORWAY - A Time-Lapse Adventure Please watch in HD with good speakers for the optimal experience. You can watch it in 4K here: This is a time-lapse video resulting from a 15,000 km (almost 10,000 miles) long road trip and tens of thousands of images taken along ...More


Shockingly close lightening strike nearly hits woman.

10 Awesome Ways To Season Steak

Consider this your 10-in-1 cheat sheet to seasoning your steak. Everything from Kalbi and Brazilian, to English Pub and Tex Mex. If you'd like to know more about any particular method, the full writeup with measurements is available here: ------------...More

Portal Gun Duel

Portal Gun Duel. Its man VS man in this portal gun battle to the death. Don't play with guns!!! Ending Song: . 'Still Alive' by Jonathan Coulton Directed by Danny & Michael Philippou SPECIAL THANKS: Jack Troisi (Portal VFX) & Pete Ninos (Portal ex...More

Noah Ritter Walks with Dinosaurs

"Apparently" kid gets sent to see "real dinosaurs".. He wasn't fooled by the dinosaur on Ellen's show, but these big guys sure did impress! You can follow Noah on Instagram @NoahRitter.

Jeopardy! | Contestant Interview Blooper

Alex Trebek showing signs of his humanity for once.... Alex's blooper never made it on air, but makes its way to you. Subscribe above to see exclusive Jeopardy! videos. Jeopardy! Showtimes: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on ...More

Finding Iris: Saving a homeless injured dog + an unexpected surprise!!! Please share.

If you are BLOCKED from watching this video, you can see it here: To make a small donation and help us save more lives, please click here: To adopt any of these family members, please visit: Many times when you watch ...More

Megatron Misses Shia

Megatron has been thinking of the days gone by... Thanks for Watching! Get some HISHE Gear over at: Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Instagram

The Official List of What You Have to Watch

These movies and TV shows are mandatory -- everything else is optional. See more LIKE us on: FOLLOW us on: FOLLOW us on: And be sure to check out our second chan...More

Marie's Dictionary

This short documentary tells the story of Marie Wilcox, the last fluent speaker of the Wukchumni language and the dictionary she created in an effort to keep her language alive.

Vanapalooza: An Animated History Of The Van

The van's been America's boxy hero for generations. Building cities, hauling stuff to and fro, and even helping us relax after a hard day of doing those other two things. But, as you can see from this amazing animated history of the van created by Cub Studio and Pluto, if it weren't for two competit...More

Flying over Tisno bridge

A woman yesterday didn't stop when the bridge at Tisno-Croatia started raising. Yup..

Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Awesome Rainbows: House Party Dance-A-Long Workout

I Just started working at an elementary school and they show these videos to the Kindergarteners. I don't even.... Koo Koo Kanga Roo's House Party: A Dance-A-Long Workout DVD. 17 tracks total! DVD: DIGITAL: https:...More

Inherent Vice - Official Trailer [HD]

INHERENT VICE, in theaters December 2014. “Inherent Vice,” is the seventh feature from Paul Thomas Anderson and the first ever film adaption of a Thomas Pynchon novel. When private eye Doc Sportello’s ex-old lady suddenl...More

The What's Underneath Project: Jacky O'Shaughnessy

We asked model and actress Jacky O'Shaughnessy to be a part of the What's Underneath Project because she bears witness to our belief that style Is not about trends, Is your spirit, Is knowing who you are, Is What's Underneath. Read more about why we love Jacky: Watch more...More

Americans Try Bangladeshi Food With Their Cabbie

Can we find someone who isn’t native to the US to take us to lunch? Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: -------------------------- MUSIC Down With Ya Bad Self Cleopatra’s Dance Spiral Black Cinematic Rising India Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Thanks ...More

Tout Le Monde En Parle -- Taylor Swift

Tout Le Monde En Parle -- Taylor Swift Oubliez toutes ces jeunes étoiles de la pop dont le succès prématuré a gâché l’équilibre. Avec Taylor Swift, on a affaire à une jeune femme en parfait contrôle d’elle-même. L’artiste de 24 ans, qui a gagné très jeune le cœur du public avec d...More

World's Greatest Drag Race 4!

It's back! The World's Greatest Drag Race returns with 10 of the world's best supercars and sports cars facing off in an epic quarter-mile sprint for glory... and ultimate bragging rights! This year's field includes all 10 contenders from Motor Trend's 2014 Best Driver's Car Powered by Mobil 1 (http...More

The Ulitimate Ant Compilation : The Power of Unity is Strength

Here is an Ulitimate Ant Compilation video, which shows the power of unity is strength - Something that humans can learn. (x-post from r/awesome). Ultimate Ant unit, humans can learn from.

The Dancing Traffic Light

Dancing crosswalk signal designed to keep pedestrians safer and happy. We believe that smart ideas can turn the city into a better place. Like a dancing traffic light that makes people wait and watch rather than walk through the red light. FOR more safety. #WhatAreYouFOR More information about smar...More


What happens when you dub ghetto strip club videos with WWE Wrestling commentary.. AS GOD AS MY WITNESS, HE IS BROKEN IN HALF! 1:10 GAME OVER John Escobar hahahaha Dounia da fffffuck What in all of hades dominion did my eyes just partake in? Abraxas Ortega MIRA PARA TUS AMIGOS QUE GUSTAN DE LAS PU...More

10 Seconds

Mike Heist has been working in the neon industry in Portland, Oregon for 30 years. He is a master in his craft, and is responsible for the bending of some of the city's most iconic signage. 10 SECONDS is a short film about work and happiness, and shares a bit of Mike's thoughts and insight into the ...More

Kerry Washington Public Service Announcement on Domestic Violence

Kerry Washington joins Allstate Foundation Purple Purse to raise awareness for domestic violence and the financial abuse that occurs in 98 percent of all cases. Help ensure domestic violence survivors aren’t financially trapped in an abusive relationship at

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