I know this doesn't represent the entire Middle Eastern attitude towards South Asians, but still..

Squeezing cat to help her urinate..

Asian guy sings like Whitney Houston.

Drill Sergeant drops a grenade and everyone runs for their life.

1930's Lighter Review and Demo.

20,000 pounds of sodium into a lake (post-war elimination of surplus, 1947).

What first contact with alien lifeforms could be like..

Russell Brand Is Hurt Tom Cruise Didn't Want Him For Scientology.

This crow was going crazy trying to get into my house this morning.

Monkey teaches human how to crush leaves.

Freddie Mercury got the crowd moving like no other..

Whatever, this is the most beautiful shit I've ever heard..

How not to act like an adult.

Guilty French bulldog avoids an awkward situation.

Very Fast ATM Theft.

how to shoplift like a pro.

A very cool wind-up toy.

Remember the Sikh man who broke the rules of his religion by removing his turban for an injured boy? Well he received a surprise for his good deed..

Jessie J's background singers amazing backstage warm up.

Oddly enough, one of Bill O'Reilly's calmest interviews was with Marilyn Manson.

Sweden wins Eurovision 2015.

Amazing One-Handed Catch of Flying Bat by a Fan With a Beer.

Rashida Jones plays "Whistle-Blow That Jew!".

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