Veronica Macedo vs Chrissy Audin, MMA headkick KO

Former national Taekwondo athlete w/ a head kick KO in MMA. Zero telegraph in the kick.. Veronica Macedo vs Chrissy Audin, 11/10/14, SAY UNCLE FIGHT NIGHT 2, The Octagon Centre, Sheffield UK huge KO by Macedo. Follow on Twitter @devilfists and give a credit if using the video on media

Weekend Update: Stefon Returns - Saturday Night Live

Weekend Update: Stefon Returns - Saturday Night Live. The return of Weekend Update's city correspondent has everything: news on New York's hottest clubs, MTV's Dan Cortese and a revelation about life with Seth. View full library episodes on Hulu Plus: Get mo...More

A hair-raising message

Swedish billboard...with a twist.... Med ditt stöd kan forskningen fortsätta göra framsteg. SMS:a HOPP till 72 900 så bidrar du med 50 kronor. Varje gåva gör stor skillnad. Hjälp oss sprida filmen! Ett speciellt tack till Apotek Hjärtat för lånet av idén. Barncancerfonden


Impressive video of human powered flight attempts - including crashes!. 2013년 10월 4일 고흥 항공센터에서 개최되었던 2013 인간동력항공기 경진대회 영상입니다.

How to put out a fire when there's no hydrant nearby

How to put out a fire when there is no hydrant in the vicinity.. This pilot has skills. The fire boss called for a direct drop on a semi that was on fire. People cleared out because the force of the drop would've thrown them to the ground.

Ultimate 3-Year Anniversary Channel Compendium

3 years of puppet chatting on Chatroulette - Highlight reel - RorschachRedemption. On Oct 15th it will be three years of these shenanigans. I'll be the first to admit this is a weird hobby, an odd way of blowing off steam, but that won't stop me from continuing to change the fabric of my reality. ...More


Youtuber discovers he has trypophobia without knowing what's going on. (Also a great moment at 10:00.). Please leave a like if you enjoyed! Where i get my games - The Game: My Twitter: My Facebook: https://www.facebook....More

FPV Racing Mini Quadcopters Advanced Course

Racing Mini Quadcopters Advanced Course. Such a fun day. A small West Devon FPV meet was organised by the guys from BBRC. The location was perfectly suited to this sport with different sections to the garden with mixes of nice long runs, woodland and obstacles. I have not flown with many other peo...More


The wolf of System of a Down. Is The Wolf of Wall Street singing Chop Suey of System of a Down? Am I dreaming? El Lobo de Wall Street cantando Chop Suey de System of a Down es la hostia en patinete. Follow us and subscribe / Síguenos y suscr...More

Jennifer Garner Confirms Baby Bump

She revealed the truth to Ellen about her tabloid headlines.

Super Typhoon Vongfong From International Space Station | 台風第19号 (ヴォンフォン)

Super Typhoon Vongfong from The International Space Station. Please also subscribe to my backup channel: Super Typhoon Vongfong Seen From ISS. NASA video: [] The cameras on the International Space Station captured this v...More

Breaking Bad 3 10 Fly Ebola Scene

The Breaking Bad ebola scene. Jesse and Walt have an argument over the lab's contamination. I do not own the rights to this video.


This is by far the coolest way for dealing with funky toenails I have ever seen !. 巻き爪ロボご購入はこちら 「巻き爪治療の革命児!手術不要で痛い巻き爪が治る感動の瞬間です。」 【カンタンへのこだわり】 巻...More

Is Stevie Wonder really blind?

Stevie Wonder catching a falling microphone stand during a live performance...this video is one of the key arguments in the conspiracy theory that he is not actually blind..

slovenska cesta 1. triedy

slovak roads. 14.2.2013 - takto to vyzera na nasich cestach po zime... Cesta I. triedy 75 (I/75) Nové Zámky - Šahy presnejsie Tekovske Luzany - Demandice

Red Hot Chili Peppers First time on TV 1984 (Interview + Get Up And Jump)

Red Hot Chili Peppers' Television Debut (1984). Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Jack Sherman and Cliff Martinez live at KTTV Studios (Thicke of the Night). Los Angeles on March 16th, 1984. __credits to EMI, KTTV Studios and RCHP__ "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance ...More

Sonic In Gym Class

Sonic in gym class. Watch sonic as he runs through a gym level. What will happen? Will he die? Will he go fast? Find out now.

Nubian Skin Behind the Scenes Video

A few words from our founder and the team who helped create the image of Nubian Skin

Ben Flower Brutally Attacks Lance Hohaia and gets sent off in a Super League Grand Final

Ben Flower Brutally Attacks Lance Hohaia and gets sent off in a Super League Grand Final. Wigans Ben Flowers Vicious Attack on St Helens Lance Hohaia and gets sent off in a Super League Grand Final


".. I'm not gonna remember any of this shit..". unexpectedthug

Ben Flower Punch Hohaia Sending off Wigan St Helens Super League Grand Final

Ben Flower punches another player and becomes first player sent off during a Grand Final. (Viewable in U.S.). Description

Bird Language Discovered

Allergies. With the aid of today's technology, scientists finally discover birds have language too

Alien Invasion Prank!

This is how you get shot. Alien invasion prank : We teamed up to scare our friend :-) and it worked very well. We used fog machine and a spotlight to make the best out of our alien costumes. Enjoy! Use this link: to share. Subscribe for more: ...More

Woman Driver Fail! 99 Cent Only 18 Wheeler Big Rig crashes into tree and pickup truck doing u turn.

99 Cent Only semi-truck utterly fails making a u-turn in a parking lot.. knocks over a tree and rams a pickup.. 99 cent only 18 wheeler driver makes a u turn in the Moreno Valley Lowe's parking lot. She takes out a tree, backs over the tree, the tree falls on a pickup truck, and then hits the pickup...More

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