Little Kid Is Afraid Of Drowning.

This gets me pumped every time..

Cute Commercial Explains Why Cats Stare At Humans.

I personally believe everything he says.

During the Iran Iraq war, an Iranian boy soldier saves an Iraqi man, they meet each other years later by chance in Canada! Amazing story!.

Last Photo - Chicago

The 'Last Photo' Project is an ongoing video series where I travel to different cities asking strangers about the last photo on their phone. Traveling through Chicago for the first time was both gratifying and somewhat frustrating. I found people to be more open to chatting than in other cities (...More

Louis C.K. Tells a Story About the Time He Ruined Jimmy Fallons's Chance to Star on The Dana Carvey Show.

TerrorisTS!??!? Took the words right out of my mouth..

Norm Macdonald delivered one of the greatest standup sets in the history of comedy on Letterman tonight..

Texas bike path.

Guy loses 5k, online black jack.

Student Accused of Harassment for Waiting.

My old roommate is a chicken farmer now, and is making how to videos..

Women in Dubai harass an Egyptian actress for wearing revealing clothes.

This is why you don't wear platform heels to graduation..

African disco.

How this mom reacted when her child came out of the closet.

Whose Line is it Anyway: Improbable Mission ("The Cat Scene").

Every Video Game Trailer.

How to give a straight forward answer 101.

Blues legend Eric Clapton posted this video this morning after finding out BB King had passed away..

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