Conan O'Brien (The Simpsons Take The Hollywood Bowl)

Conan O'Brien performs the Monorail song at the Hollywood Bowl I apologize for the shaky camera.

The Moment of Truth

Kim Dotcom's "The Moment of Truth" Livestream. This is the backup stream. URL if needed.

shocker chair

Geordie on an shocker chair. geordie eddie tyrer in elecric chair

How to Torture an Indoor Cat

My girlfriend just moved and her indoor cat was just sitting at the window crying all day. She was afraid that her cat didn't like the new place. I figured it out pretty quick..

Implosion of the Queen Lane Apartment building in Germantown, Philadelphia, PA

That poor lady missed the entire thing!. Taken on 09/13/2014 at 7:15am

Bus blocks a fire truck

Bus won't move for Firetruck.. MTA nitwit blocks an FDNY truck from going to a fire.

London Tube Nightclub

Only in London can you walk onto the Underground and find this.... Stepped on the northern line and found this!

How To Drift, BMW M235i - /Chris Harris On Cars

Chris Harris explains how to drift with the new BMW M235i. See the full BMW Drift Mob video here:

Climate Change: Our greatest health threat, or our greatest opportunity for better health?

This video was produced by the Global Climate and Health Alliance to coincide with their recent briefing report ( It explains how climate change threatens human health - and why this outlook does not have to be the path we choose. You can contact the GCH...More

To Hell and Back - The Dalton Highway - August 2014

So...I also got on my motorcycle and rode North to the Alaskan Arctic until the road ran out. (And I met those other 2 guys just North of Yukon Crossing, Alaska).. To Hell and Back - The Dalton Highway - August 2014

Helicopter Fishing

Guy accidentally throws his model airplane onto the top of some high trees, and watches in disbelief as a full-sized helicopter picks it up for them. Fishing out a P-51 Mustang model airplane with a Robinson R-22.


I don't need it. I don't need it.. 明和電機のキャラクター楽器、Mr.ノッキーの演奏動画です。

Halo 3: ODST Live Action Trailer [HD]

This is to date still one of the best ads I've ever seen.. Halo 3: ODST Live Action Trailer [HD] Developer: Bungie Software Release: 9/22/2009 Genre: FPS Platform: X360 Publisher: Microsoft ODST focuses on their drop into new Mombasa and their search for clues behind the Covenants attack on th...More

Rapper 50 Cent Provides Over 3 5 Million Meals To Feed The Hungry

Rapper 50 Cent Provides Over 3 5 Million Meals To Feed The Hungry.

The Body Bag Experiment - SOCIAL DISORDER

Hilarious Prank Video by Roosterteeth. Aaron and Chris challenge each other to drag a body bag across the city from their apartment to the river in less than 30 minutes... With a little help from innocent bystanders. RT Store: Rooster Teeth: ...More

Family Guy voices Seth Macfarlane

This made me laugh more than an actual episode of family guy. Hey guys, plaincamron666 here. And I know this is not a normal video but I found it online somewhere and I thought I would share it with you guys! I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO FAMILY GUY VOICES FAMILY GUY VOICES SETH MCFARLANE Family Guy voi...More

Bat Attack

Watch a man get bitten by a rabid bat.. Attacked by a rabid bat while camping.

Death Cab Moment at Riff

Meteorite falls over Death Cab For Cutie guitarist's last performance with the band.. Death Cab for Cutie at Rifflandia 2014 with a nice natural touch to send off Chris Walla!

BEST FREESTYLE EVER Maximum Destruction Orlando 2012 INSANE **BEST VIEW** Monster Jam

I'm not usually a monster truck fan, but damn. This is amazing!. Easily one of the greatest freestyles the Citrus Bowl has ever seen.

A Kickstarter Video

Kick$tarter. Let the funds begin...

LumiLor From Darkside Scientific

Awesome Luminous paint, Spray on anything, wire it and watch it glow.. Product presentation July 2014

Peekaboo surprise!

Never shave your beard.... Daughter's reaction to dad after he shaved his beard!

An awesome fountain in Chicago

Awesome fountain I found in Chicago.. I thought this fountain was amazing.

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