In Current

Rowing a dory in the Grand Canyon is considered by some as the most coveted job in the world. It can take 20 years of paying your dues to earn a seat on one of these legendary wooden boats. Amber Shannon has been boating the Grand Canyon nine years, trying to work her way from the baggage boat to a ...More

In The Fridge

ATTENTION FOLLOWERS (or anyone stumbling onto this video)! Please do me a solid and read below to help me out a bit. No I didn't fall down a well. I'm back with a new project. Sorry to the die hard fans of the "Up Close" series. I'm done with those for now. Although this montage in it's curren...More

Blue Shining

What would The Shining look like had it been directed by David Lynch? Would it be a dream or a nightmare? Blue Shining combines both worlds in a playful manner by integrating elements from Lynch's films into Kubrick's movie to give the Stephen King classic a Lynchian atmosphere. Can you find all the...More

Hearing Jurassic Park

In 1993, Jurassic Park sound designer, Gary Rydstrom, created some of the most remarkable and memorable sounds in film history. Using a vast combination of source sounds that ranged from lions to dolphins, Rydstrom was able to give a voice to creatures that have never been heard. From the haunting...More

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