Watch Stunt Kid Knows How To Take A Punch Video

Watch Stunt Kid Knows How To Take A Punch Video.

Surprising the kids with Disney

Finally told the kids we weren't going to go camping.... We finally told the kids we weren't going on that camping trip we had been planning for months

Westboro Baptist Church Responds! - The Last Leg

As a response up to the success baby post about the Adam Hill/Westboro Baptist Church incident, here is what Hill said next. Truly amazing!. The Westboro Baptist Church responded to Adams challenge from last week! Adams tweet mentioned in the video: Watch The Last Leg on Chan...More

Irish Mammy Doesn't Understand Ice Bucket Challenge

Irish Mammy Doesn't Understand Ice Bucket Challenge. With ALS ice bucket challenges sweeping the internet, Ben Storey’s brother Keith was keen to join in. However, he didn’t fully explain the challenge to their mother, Ann. Storyful is a news agency that supplies verified UGC to news clients an...More

Blacksmithing - Forging my first 3lb rounding hammer

Modern blacksmith forging a hammer. This video shows how I forge my first serious rounding hammer, using techniques inspired by the work of blacksmith Brian Brazeal.

Father. Photographer. Child Pornographer?

Father. Photographer. Child Pornographer?. In April 2014 photographer Wyatt Neumann went on a two week road trip with his two year old daughter Stella. Over the course of the trip Neumann photographed his daughter in various locations, sometimes with clothes on, sometimes without. He posted the ph...More

Raver Kid Reacts to Bin Laden's Death

This guy's reaction to Osama's death. You know this is solid gold. This young man is told at the club about Osama Bin Ladins death and has a little party! Please Like and Share it really helps :D Subscribe if you want more great content

Lake of Dreams

Lake of Dreams - Burning Man 2013 Film and Music by Roy Two Thousand Additional footage by August Winkelman and Connor McNeill Produced by Roy Two Thousand and Crystal Dawn Davis Drums and Percussion by Anthony Mogli Maureal Made possible from the support of many many peop...More


I'll choose honeycomb over peanut-butter and jelly.. Cutting honeycomb out of a frame and packing it for sale or consumption. DVD available on Amazon and with Paypal at: and

Icheon Master Hand

Ceramic masters. The American Museum of Ceramic Art is honored to present ICHEON: Reviving the Korean Ceramics tradition, an unprecedented exhibition organized by Icheon, South Korea. Icheon has a history of ceramic culture that began over 5000 years ago and has a reputation for its internationally ...More

Patrick Richard/Alan Ockwell Crash at Baie Des Chaleurs 2010

They lived, and they won. (x-post from /r/subaru). Subaru Driver Patrick Richard and Co-Driver Alan Ockwell push hard at Rallye Baie Des Chaleurs 2010 when disaster strikes... But in true Rally spirit, they press on.

Half Life 2 VR Training (AMAZING!) - Goldfish rifts

Virtual Reality is going to be the shit. Ok this video was half for showing off the amazing job the devs have done for the half life VR mod and half testing recording with xsplit. I see the game sound was way too loud in this one compared to my voice. mod link:

Lea Salonga & Jared Young "A Whole New World"

Dude from audience gets called up on stage to sing "A Whole New World" with Lea Salonga (the singer from the Aladdin) and nails it. Sep 2 2011 Lea's Concert at BYU De Jong Concert Hall I grew up dreaming of playing the role of Aladdin. Eventually I auditioned for the role at Disney's ...More


This cat was hired to work at pizza hut in japan. This is his job. 《ピザハットから緊急告知!》 ”猫の手も借りたい”みなさまに、 おいしいピザを一刻も早く届けるため ついにヤツらがやってきた! ▼ピザキャット!店オフィシャルサ...More

From Under The Rust

As Charlie Sedgley puts it, "the steam locomotive is the closest thing mankind has come to inventing a human being." In the shadows of Cleveland's once prosperous steel mills, Charlie and members of the Midwest Railway Preservation Society work persistently to bring historical steam engines and rail...More

De Kantelsluis

New Dutch tilting sluice invention drops boats a few metres down and lifts them up without the need to drain or fill a lock (which is slow). De Kantelsluis maakt een einde aan files door geopende bruggen. Met een Kantelsluis gaat de brug niet omhoog, maar gaat het schip naar beneden. ©Royal Haskoni...More

Diesel blows bubbles in the pool on command!

Dog blows bubbles underwater.. My bubble boy! Diesel loves to blow bubbles! He is the cutest!!! *To use this video in a commercial player or broadcast, please email

Automata Trailer (HD) (English & French Subtitles)

Here's a movie I'm excited for. Automata. Here is "Automata" trailer with English and French subtitles. All right reserved. Next Monday is the new moon. My sister says I'll give birth then. Aren't you afraid to bring your daughter into a place like this? Sir, you a...More

fuck you all, fedoras own hard

Guy gets angry about people making fun of fedoras. this video goes out to all the dumb ass haters and trolls online that say swag and yolo but then turn around and make fun of fedoras for no reason at all your not fucking funny and it's stupid as shit of you to chat your ignorant mouths about a top...More

SpaceX Falcon 9-R Dev1 Explosion

SpaceX's Falcon rocket explodes!. An anomaly occurred during a test flight of SpaceX's Falcon 9-R Dev1 rocket at their development site in McGregor, Texas. The Flight Termination System ended the mission as it was designed to. More information to follow. Statement from SpaceX:

Russian Proton-M Rocket Explodes

Proton-M rocket faliure in Kazakhstan July 2, 2013. Wait for the shockwave.. Russian Proton-M Rocket carrying payload to outer space fails and explodes. The blast sends out a large shock wave, shattering the cameraman's windows. Kazakhstan July 2, 2013

Quinnspiracy Theory: In-N-Out Edition

Quinnspiracy Theory: In-N-Out Edition. Whose a guy gotta fuck around here to get some fries with this? All Links Included Below The Break ---------------------------------------------------- ZoePost: Wizardchan Album: Jaffe Soundcloud: https...More

'Art and Craft' Trailer 'Art and Craft' Trailer Director: Sam Cullman, Jennifer Grausman, Mark Becker When one of the most prolific art forgers in US history is finally exposed, he must confront the legacy of his 30-year con. For more movie trailers, celebrity interviews and box office news vi...More

Rabid 5 Seconds of Summer Fan - 103.3 Amp Radio

I interviewed a VERY intense boyband fan for the radio. A colleague heard the audio, then sent me this today... [:57]. MORNINGS - 103.3 AMP RADIO BOSTON twitter: @radioTJ @1033ampradio @LorenRaye @ShearerThanYou instagram: @radioTJ @LorenOnAir @shearerthanyou

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