ESPN - Fletcher Cleaves [dir cut]

#itcanwait Director: Miles Jay DP: Jason McCormick Producer: Erin Wile Production: Smuggler Editor: Ben Jordan - Work Editorial Score: Rob Simonsen VFX: Artjail Colour: Tom Poole - Company 3 Sound Design: Barking Owl Agency: ESPN Creative Works Client: ATT


EMOJI'S IN THE WILD (野生で絵文字) Does emoji imitate life, or does life imitate emoji? A film by DANIEL MCKEE Music by NINE INCH NAILS This video was made using images found on Instagram. Featured on THE AWESOMER, THE CREATORS PROJECT, THE CURIOUS BRAIN, DESIGN TAXI, DEVOUR, EL ...More

MTJP | Redwood

MTJP | Redwood is the culmination of several weeks spent exploring Redwood National and State Parks. Redwood National and State Parks in Northern California are home to the tallest trees in the world, the mighty Redwood, which can reach staggering heights of over 360ft and weigh more than 500 tons. ...More

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