Video of an illegal Moroccan immigrant saving a drowning tourist in Italy, he was granted residency after this.

Cat Sings ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’ with His Human.

Not surprised Germans won the World Cup. They can play soccer however they like to.

Game of Thrones Cast Sings Im So Excited Full HD.

The ingenious design of a mechanical watch beautifully explained.

Lego: FPS.

Tsunami Hits Los Santos GTA V PC - Mod Gameplay.

You're not a single lady, buddy. (0:49).

Charlie LeDuff - The Corridor of Pain: Baltimore, Wilmington, Philadelphia, and Newark.

My dentist dad should probably stop letting me make commercials for his office.

Bill Nye's reaction to Bullshit.

Explosive Oil Fire at 2500fps.

This video made my day! Martin Passeri a surfer from Argentina is disqualified because of the best reason ever.

Bill Burr verbally assaults Philadelphia.

The Amazing Dog Shows Off His Awesome Tricks.

These football players are blind. There's a rattle in the ball, but they're BLIND. **BLIND**.

Eminem's Lose Yourself in American sign language.

Penn and Teller fool Spielberg.

Pitbull puppy with a broken jaw gets rescued.

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