Jimmy Kimmel gives touching farewell to David Letterman; says he will air a rerun on Dave's final night and asks his audience to watch Dave instead. [6:25].

Pawn Stars circa 2003..

Jones good ass BBQ.

Jeff Can't Miss.

Korean girls are introduced to Nicki Minaj 'Anaconda'.

Walmart's Anti-Union video.

Pit bulls catching salmon..

The birth of Bees. Mesmerizing. [1:03].

When you're so painfully awkward that even Will Farrell can't play it off.

Hearing Paul Thomas Anderson

Part 1 of my 4 part Paul Thomas Anderson series. While perhaps his films are better known for cinematography and acting performances, the sounds of a PT Anderson picture deserve equal merit. Many of these sounds seem to create their impact through a certain degree of harshness. The sounds are col...More

Guy Gets Rejected On National Television - The Graham Norton Show.

Cool drum-guitar-mod.

Video obtained of Fort Bliss soldier shows moments before his death while in custody.

Monkey buys juice from vending machine and then drinks it..

Biggest lie on TV.

Old lady dances to the music of a beatboxer in the streets of Brussels.

The Very Real Dangers Of Doing Drugs.

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