Orange Is The New Black - Season 2 - Official Trailer

Orange Is The New Black - Season 2 Trailer - Explicit. The highly-anticipated second season of Netflix's ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK goes back behind bars for another sentence with the fearless, funny and unforgettable inmates of Litchfield prison. The series' ensemble includes Taylor Schilling, Jason...More

Suckers For Sap

It isn't quite Friday, but here's some science about the sappy business of maple syrup.

[Dopefish] Dark Souls 2 Character Creation!

Dark Souls 2 character creation, one of the funniest videos I've seen in a long while.. Dopefish discovers the Advanced Settings of the Dark Souls 2 character creator and, of course, creates the most horrible yet hilarious abomination ever seen! Edited by Kevin: ...More

Hydraulic-Powered Magic Carpet

Russia is the land of magic. Enterprising firefighters from the Motherland have made a hydraulic-powered, magic flying carpet.

Uncensored - The Workaholics Guys Find a New Cubicle Mate (feat. Seth Rogen and Zac Efron)

The Workaholics Guys Find a New Cubicle Mate (feat. Seth Rogen and Zac Efron). Adam, Blake and Ders come up with an unconventional and intimate method of interviewing applicants for a free spot in their cubicle. "Neighbors" hits theaters May 9.

Porsche 911 991 issues update

I've always wanted a 911 but this video makes me sad.... Let me update you with the good times I am having with my new Porsche 911.


Writer: Actors: Anne Wilson Peter McAllum Will Young

AIK - DIF SvFF Protest Tifo + Bengal Inferno 19/9 2011

25 000 supporters do a silent protest. 10 minutes into the game all hell breaks loose.. Scener ur matchen mellan AIK-DIF 19/9 2011. Klipp från de 10 tysta minuterna som inledde matchen, följt av klackarnas tifo-arrangemang och bengal-inferno i början av andra halvlek. ----------------- Scenes f...More

Pitbull raped pillow and hold three black man hostage for two hours

Pitbull holds three guys hostage (hilarious commentary) NSFW. The dog just walked in the house! Andre pushed the dog back with pillow dog take pillow and stayed on the pouch for two hours! this just part one to three, will put others up when i get time. this was crazy!

Wildfire Drone Footage

Wildfires in Valparaiso, Chile have consumed almost 2,900 homes. This is footage from a drone showing the aftermath.

Cricket Balls

It's 1956, and Charlie and his friends quilt and cook cricket balls by hand in a very interesting kitchen.

Attacked on Guilford Bike Route

The latest extreme sport: cycling in Baltimore after dark. Recorded on 4/12/14. Attacked by a group of teenagers on the bike route on the 1600-1700 block of Guilford Ave. You can hear when they threw a bottle at me from behind and then see when I try to grab my lock as a last resort as they starte...More

50 Frustrating Video Game Moments

Turbo tunnel, you will always be the worst. This and 49 other maddening video game moments will have you chucking controllers all over the house.

Pūkis ir Pamišèlis ieško namo ar buto, pageidautina su šeimininkais :)

Two friendliest cats ever. Pūkis ir Pamišèlis. Katinukai 7-8 mėn. amžiaus, paMišelis kastruotas, o Pūkutis yra mergytė, jai leidžiami kontraceptikai. Neskiepyti. Kol kas gyvena Širvintose, bet atvežtume į betkurį miestą. Labai labai meilūs, švelnūs katinėliai. 862566082 Birutė arb...More

How to Cut Tomatoes Like a Ninja - Cooking Hack

How To Cut Tomatoes In Just 5 Seconds!. How to cut tomatoes quickly and easily. Great cooking and kitchen tip, and a fun life hack. Perfect for small cherry tomatoes, and ideal if you need to cut a lot of them for a salad. Music: Hand Trolley - Kevin MacLeod (

WTF is sugru?

Sugru is one hell of a material. This video shows what sugru can do! sugru is the exciting self-setting rubber for fixing, modifying and improving your stuff. It bonds to almost anything and overnight it turns into a strong, flexible silicone rubber. Follow us on Twitter ...More

Colbert Cracks Up - Suq Madiq

This Colbert Report clip absolutely never gets old. A joke that might have come from his writers, which he might not have already seen, cracks Stephen Colbert up, while he's heavily in character, to the point that he can't continue.

Google declares war on vertical videos

Google declares war on vertical videos.. Check out what happens in the new Google Camera app ( when you attempt to take a video in portrait mode. Circle us on Google+

Ricky Gervais' Guilty Pleasures

Ricky Gervais gives an intimate run down some of his guilty pleasures while wearing a very nice wrist watch.

Waiting - Calum Graham (cover)

After 6 months of practice, I can finally play this song.. Here is my take on Waiting by Calum Graham. Recorded with a Stonebridge 23CR using K&K Trinity pickups with reverb from NI Reflektor

No One Sees It Like You

Seven billion people flying through space on a rock - and you are the only one who's seen the things you've seen.

Bie The Ska - กลกากๆ Ep.1

WOOOOOAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. รวมกลกากๆ ของผม จาก instagam และ socialcam ของผมนะครับ ขอบคุณที่กด like และแชร์มากๆเลยครับ^^ ig: @bietheska socialcam: @BieTheSka Fb: http://www.faceboo...More

Woman goes crazy on airplane flying to Tampa [Actual Original]

Woman goes crazy on airplane flying to Tampa. This woman was freaking out. The flight attendant actually asked me to block her so she couldn't go anywhere near the doors.


Juan Fontanive's small machines bring flying birds and insects life on a gallery wall.

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