Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda

Conan got his acting debut in this scene from another Roger Corman epic.


Not mine (Nothing is original) [2:52]. This is my graduate project in 'Graphic Design' at the HIT college in Israel. My thesis is that nothing is original, therefore, none of the materials presented in the project were made by me. All of the 469 photos used in this video were taken out of Google's...More

The 3 Second K.O.

MMA K.O. in under 5 seconds. The 3 Second K.O.

Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

The book that brought BDSM out of the dungeon and into the living rooms of millions makes the jump to the big screen. In theaters on Valentine's Day 2015.

Pushing swords

A point about pushing swords in movies. Subscribe to my channel: More weapons videos here: Another video dealing with a corny daft movie cliche. This time it's the convention that t...More

Dwayne and Jimmy's Workout Video

Dwayne Johnson stopped by

Drunk History: Protecting Abraham Lincoln

Allan Pinkerton hustles Abraham Lincoln through a sticky situation in this slightly slished historical reenactment.

People Falling At Disneyland

A compilation of people falling over at Disneyland. People Falling At Disneyland

The LeBron James Redemption

Frank Caliendo reads LeBron James' homecoming essay in a Morgan Freeman voice that's so uncanny it's a little frightening.

Ortiz Big Papi, Kawasaki Little Papi

Kawasaki - "Ortiz Big Papi, Kawasaki Little Papi". Toronto Blue Jays infielder Munenori Kawasaki joins Barry Davis to comment on his exchange with Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz and his play as of late.


Cat Really Loves His Owner.

Best Beers For Your Food

Whether you're going to sit down and enjoy a juicy ribeye or two scoops of your favorite ice cream, Brendan Woodcock and Daniel Burns of the beer bar Torst are making sure you've got the perfect brew for your meal.

NO CAMERAS ALLOWED movie trailer

NO CAMERAS ALLOWED: Guy sneaks into Bonnaroo, The Grammys, Glastonbury, and Coachella with film equipment. The result is absolutely incredible.. jajajaa this dude snuck into all these festivals - wuuuuuuut?! i think this is a real movie coming out??

Real-Life Assassin's Creed Co-Op

Real-life parkour collides with the upcoming

Lorde - Ríoga "Royals" as Gaeilge

A summer Irish college does 'Royals' by Lorde in Irish. Leagan Bandcamp ar féidir a íoslódáil ag teacht go luath. Cór chúrsa A faoi stiúir Jenny Ní Ruiséil lena leagan de "Royals" le Lorde. Ní fhaca mé a leith...More

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Singapore's Gambling Problem Problem (HBO)

John Oliver Responds to Singapore's Gambling Ad [3:19]. Singapore's anti-gambling ads had one critical flaw. They made gambling seem too awesome. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens:

Strong Women & the Creators that Empower Them

WonderCon Anaheim 2014 "Comics are full ofstrong and powerful women, not just physically but mentally and emotionally.Moderator James Robinson (Fantastic Four) discusses how to create these female icons with the people who bring them to life. Panelists include Anaheim special guests Rick Burchett (L...More

Careless Tailgater gets instant justice

Driver Tailgating a Cyclist Gets Instant Justice. Some guy in a Honda CRV thought that it was ok to tailgate me, on my bicycle, while I was doing a sprint down the street. But luckily a cop saw him tailgating me, because I didn't see the tailgater until I turned around to look for the cop. Making me...More

Space Station 76 Trailer

Finally, a movie that captures the golden age of science fiction films from the 1970s. Even though we didn't know we were waiting on a movie that looks like a 1970s science fiction movie.

Fireworks In Your Brain

Researchers have found that playing an instrument is the equivalent of putting your brain on a crossfit workout, strengthening neural connections and making you better at pretty much everything.

Elizabeth Warren Netroots 2014 Highlights

Just a Video of Elizabeth Warren at the NetRoots Today The best part of the speech.


With an LS3 engine, 526 horsepower, Lightsabers, and really heavy mechanical breathing, the Hot Wheels Darthcar is all Dark Side.


Nobody helps in India: Indian actor covers himself in fake blood and stands next to a busy highway to see how many will stop to help, people gather to watch him "die". PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO TO HELP SAVE VICTIMS LIVES, IF THIS VIDEO CAN SAVE JUST ONE VICTIM'S LIFE, ALL OUR EFFORTS WILL BE...More

The Daily Show - We Need to Talk About Israel

We Need to Talk About Israel. Jon tries to have a calm discussion about Israel's ground offensive in the Gaza Strip, but he is quickly thwarted by The Best F#@king News Team Ever.

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