Robin Williams Is NOT Free

I can't believe the Academy tweeted something so irresponsible. The Academy's Tweet: The CDC advisory: More about suicide contagion: How to talk to a struggling loved one: A reminder that it does get better: ht...More


My dad recently retired and has recently taken up an interesting new hobby.. Corn

Charles "Sparky" Schulz Draws Charlie Brown (Official Video)

Charles "Sparky" Schulz talks about Charlie Brown as he draws him playing the piano in this official video clip from the never released documentary, "A Boy Named Charlie Brown." © Peanuts Worldwide LLC

Rooftog by vulstasie

Gas Station Robbery - South Africa.

Korean kids react to Warhead candy

Giving EXTREMELY sour warhead candies to my Korean students who have never tried them before. Many students in Korea have never heard of 'Warheads'. So I gave them a taste of one of the most sour candies with my phone handy.

Why You Should Drink More Coffee

I mean, aside from the fact that it’s delicious. Share on Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Share on Twitter: MUSIC Birocratic - “Merlot” SOURCES: http://www.psychologytod...More

Conan Remembers Robin Williams, The Best Talk Show Guest In The World

CONAN Highlight: Conan recalls Robin's incredible generosity and his many hilarious visits to the show. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night host Conan O'Brien, CONAN on TBS & Subscribe now to be updated on the latest vide...More

Humans Need Not Apply

Humans Need Not Apply. Discuss this video: ## Robots, Etc: Terex Port automation:

Best Of Just For Laughs Gags Funniest Instant Accomplice

Instant accomplice segment of prank show. Victims have no idea. | Subscribe! Our motto is "Divide and Conquer" or rather... "Divide and Prank!" In these fun pranks, we recruit victims' loved-ones to fool them! For people who ever dreamed of working...More

'Giant' spider photobombs BBC Scotland news - BBC News

Hungry spider photobombs BBC anchor. A spider has photobombed BBC Scotland's news to capture an insect trapped on a camera showing live shots of the River Clyde in Glasgow. The "webcast" came as Graham Stewart was presenting one of Reporting Scotland's early morning bulletins. The spider then retrea...More

Robin Williams Live at the Roxy 1978

Sorry about the quality, but there you have it. This video basically doesn't otherwise exist. Enjoy and share....

The Rakhri Zone


4 year old learns about deleting photos, is heartbroken

Little girl unhappily discovers the permanence of deleting photos. More info here...

Amazing POV: Jump With the Original Bungee Jumpers

Bungee jumping officially began in 1979, but men on Pentecost Island in the South Pacific have practiced nagol, or land diving, for centuries. In a ritual full of symbolism and spirituality, men dive from a wooden tower up to 100 feet high with nothing but vines attached to their ankles. On a recent...More

Your Brain Sucks at Video Games

Hey! You! Check out my new podcast, We Have Concerns! Follow me on Twitter! We blame everything when we suck at games: lag, the controller, bad framerates- but here's a fun fact: your brain is built to be terrible at video games and everyth...More

The Crude Gamble of Oil by Rail: Bomb Trains

Subscribe to VICE News here: It’s estimated that 9 million barrels of crude oil are moving over the rail lines of North America at any given moment. Oil trains charging through Virginia, North Dakota, Alabama, and Canada’s Quebec, New Brunswick, and Alberta ...More

One Small Step [ORIGINAL]

Watch a :15 second video of my kid faceplant while trying to be like his big brother :). Eli was showing off by stepping from one bed to the other, when Issac decided to give it a shot...

Raiders Vs Cowboys Fight & Brawl During Practice Scrimmage 2014 (Mychal Rivera Vs Clairbourne)

Brawl during Raiders vs Cowboys practice scrimmage, 12 Aug 2014.

Sexism in Film/TV Production

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He said lock the door

Aint That Some Bulls**t. Comedy

Paul Bissonnette ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

We'd like to thank Keith Yandle of the Phoenix Coyotes for the nomination of Paul Bissonnette, and we'd like to call out LeBron James, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. We'd also like to dedicate this bucket drop to Keith Yandle's good buddy Pete Frates for his continued fight with ALS. You can s...More

"House of Cue Cards" (Part 1 of 2) - The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

In the latest Tonight Show Digital Original, Jimmy Fallon shows how the world of the Tonight Show is not that different from "House of Cards." Part 1 of 2.  Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Weeknights 11:35...More

Shepard Smith Wonders if Cowardice Led to Robin Williams' Suicide

FOX's Shepard Smith on Robin Williams: "such a coward". Shepard Smith Wonders if Cowardice Led to Robin Williams' Suicide

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