Magnus Carlsen plays 3 people blindfolded with 9 minutes per game (x-post from r/chess).

Dog thinks through a problem trying to carry a stick across a bridge.

The Speed of Outrage: Tom Scott at Thinking Digital 2015.

Nazi Ice Cream Truck.

Cat in Russia rings doorbell to get back home..

Girl slapped the arrogant visitor.

3D printers being used to print a 3D printer.

Self-parking car test went wrong. No one was injured.

Norm Macdonald 'The Moth Joke'.

SpaceX - Pad Abort Test | Point of View.

It's Friday so to celebrate here's a Simpsons moment that never fails to make me laugh..

Slow Motion Reactions to the Tesla P85D's 691 HP, 3.1 seconds 0-60 Insane Mode. (Faster than a McLauren F1).

TIL the song "Closing Time" by Semisonic is about giving birth. Not being bounced from a bar. Dan Wilson (writer/singer) walks the crowd through the song line by line..

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