Chair Screamer CS502 $2240

I want one for Halloween. video from

Is it Unhealthy to Stand in Front of a Microwave While it is Cooking? - Big Questions (Ep. 7)

A weekly show where we endeavor to answer one of your big questions. This week, "Mystifying Card Magic" asks: "Is it unhealthy to stand in front of a microwave while it is cooking?" -- Mental Floss Video on Twitter: Select Images and Footage provided by Shutterstock...More

Breakfast in Paris

Réalisé par : // Aurélie Gomez // Guillaume Bissières // Chloé Félix demo : blog : // Théo Ferré demo : blog : //...More

Call Her Name | RED B.A/株式会社ポーラ

Japanese Mothers React to Being Called by Their First Names (English Subs). 「すべての女性には、美しさという本能がある。」というブランドフィロソフィーをもとに新たに誕生するRED B.Aから、すべての女性におくるソーシャルアクティビテ...More

Trey Parker and Matt Stone on 60 minutes.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone on 60 minutes.. Trey Parker and Matt Stone talks about "South Park" and their new musical "The Book Of Mormon" on 60 minutes.


The wolf of System of a Down. Is The Wolf of Wall Street singing Chop Suey of System of a Down? Am I dreaming? El Lobo de Wall Street cantando Chop Suey de System of a Down es la hostia en patinete. Follow us and subscribe / Síguenos y suscr...More

Jennifer Garner Confirms Baby Bump

She revealed the truth to Ellen about her tabloid headlines.

Super Typhoon Vongfong From International Space Station | 台風第19号 (ヴォンフォン)

Super Typhoon Vongfong from The International Space Station. Please also subscribe to my backup channel: Super Typhoon Vongfong Seen From ISS. NASA video: [] The cameras on the International Space Station captured this v...More

Soba Noodle ☆ そば打ち動画〜十割そば・生粉打ち〜

僕のそば打ちは完全に自己流です。 どうか、そば打ちで検索されて来た方達はこの動画での打ち方は参考にされませんよう、よろしくお願い申し上げます。笑 Soba means buckwheat, so soba noodle is buckwheat noodle. Soda is Japanese tradition...More

Time to Decide

Every generation must make its mind up what injustice and cruelty it will tolerate. The time has come for this generation to decide. It's time to evolve. We need to End the Cage Age. This film was devised and created for Compassion in World Farming by Catsnake ...More

The Postal Service - Everything Will Change [OFFICIAL DVD TRAILER]

Everything Will Change is a feature-length documentary concert film of The Postal Service’s performance at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, CA during their 2013 reunion tour. A collaboration between Benjamin Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie) and Jimmy Tamborello (from Dntel), with Rilo Kiley’s Jenn...More

I have a nervous breakdown about #gamergate

Boogie2988: I have a nervous breakdown about #gamergate.

Flying the Typhoon Through the Mach Loop at Low Level

Onboard an RAF Typhoon low level flying the Mach Loop (scaring the s*** out of me every time) and Lake District Loop. Filmed from the backseat of an RAF Typhoon flown by 2013 display pilot Jamie Norris on an ultra-low level sortie through the Mach Loop and the Lake District.

Sonic In Gym Class

Sonic in gym class. Watch sonic as he runs through a gym level. What will happen? Will he die? Will he go fast? Find out now.

Nubian Skin Behind the Scenes Video

A few words from our founder and the team who helped create the image of Nubian Skin

Ben Flower Brutally Attacks Lance Hohaia and gets sent off in a Super League Grand Final

Ben Flower Brutally Attacks Lance Hohaia and gets sent off in a Super League Grand Final. Wigans Ben Flowers Vicious Attack on St Helens Lance Hohaia and gets sent off in a Super League Grand Final

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Columbus Day - How Is That Still A Thing (HBO)

Christopher Columbus did a lot of stuff that was way more terrible than "sailing the ocean blue," but we don't learn about that. Columbus Day: How is it still a thing? Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happ...More

Halloween Safety Educational Film (1977, Centron)

Here's a higher quality (and downloadable) encode of the complete 1977 "Halloween Safety" Centron Educational Film that I converted to digital from the original 16mm source and uploaded to YouTube a few years ago. Settle back and watch in abject horror as a reasonably creepy witch costume devolves ...More


Wiggle Wiggle (xpost from r/radiocontrol). but why?

How to Eat Chicken Without Wanting to Kill Yourself

Anyone who has been on a bodybuilding diet will relate - How to Eat Chicken Without Wanting to Kill Yourself. Bro Science #58: chicken again :( Facebook: T-shirts: Twitter: Internet: http://MikeandGia...More

Veronica Macedo vs Chrissy Audin, MMA headkick KO

Former national Taekwondo athlete w/ a head kick KO in MMA. Zero telegraph in the kick.. Veronica Macedo vs Chrissy Audin, 11/10/14, SAY UNCLE FIGHT NIGHT 2, The Octagon Centre, Sheffield UK huge KO by Macedo. Follow on Twitter @devilfists and give a credit if using the video on media

Weekend Update: Stefon Returns - Saturday Night Live

Weekend Update: Stefon Returns - Saturday Night Live. The return of Weekend Update's city correspondent has everything: news on New York's hottest clubs, MTV's Dan Cortese and a revelation about life with Seth. View full library episodes on Hulu Plus: Get mo...More

A hair-raising message

Swedish billboard...with a twist.... Med ditt stöd kan forskningen fortsätta göra framsteg. SMS:a HOPP till 72 900 så bidrar du med 50 kronor. Varje gåva gör stor skillnad. Hjälp oss sprida filmen! Ett speciellt tack till Apotek Hjärtat för lånet av idén. Barncancerfonden


Impressive video of human powered flight attempts - including crashes!. 2013년 10월 4일 고흥 항공센터에서 개최되었던 2013 인간동력항공기 경진대회 영상입니다.

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