Hoverboard Factory

A re-render of my isometric hoverboard factory animation. Since such a large amount of work went into modelling and animating all the machines, I really wanted to create another piece that really shows them off. To match the faded beige style of the 80's era machines, I went for dusty VHS look...More

The Gnomist: A Great Big Beautiful Act Of Kindness

Deep in the forest of Overland Park, Kan., little gnomes made a home. But how did they get there? This is the story of paying it forward, one little house at a time. A Great Big collaboration with filmmaker Sharon Liese and our friends at CNN Films.

Tarantino's Slow Motion

The films of Quentin Tarantino are some of the most stylish films ever made. Slow motion is just one of the many techniques jammed into Tarantino's overstuffed bag of tricks. Tarantino often employs slow motion when he wants us to really take in a tragic moment, forcing us to endure the tragedy sl...More

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