Cockatoo finding out he is going to the vet

Cockatoo finding out he is going to the vet. Max knows when he sees his carrier that it's a visit to the vet and gets pretty vocal about it.

ウェアラブルトマト完成篇 | 驚愕のトマト補給シーン大公開 | Wearable Tomato Complete Ver.​

トマトはスポーツとの相性が抜群なのに、スポーツシーンで食べられないのはなぜなのか­? 悩んでいたカゴメ社員の鈴木は、ふとしたきっかけで発見した。 「トマトに足りないのはモバイル性だけ」 鈴木はトマトにモバ...More

Watch NBC’s Amazing Drone Video Above the Majestic, Frozen Niagara Falls | NBC Nightly News

The ice encasing the Niagara Falls, which has drawn in visitors from all over, isn't expected to melt entirely until May. Drone footage captures this rare and beautiful occurrence. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News...More

Lady Gaga 'Sound Of Music Tribute' (The Oscar Awards 2015) HD

Lady Gaga - Sound of Music Tribute (Oscars). Lady Gaga 'Sound Of Music Tribute' (The Oscar Awards 2015) HD Lady Gaga 'Sound Of Music Tribute' (The Oscar Awards 2015) HD Lady Gaga 'Sound Of Music Tribute' (The Oscar Awards 2015) HD Lady Gaga 'Sound Of Music Tribute' (The Oscar Awards 2015) HD...More

Aubrey Plaza Parks and Recreation Devil Satan Speech

Aubrey Plaza accepting an award on behalf of Amy Poehler. Keep this on the internet! There is an effort to take this content down.

VICE on HBO Season 2: Crude Awakening and The Enemy of My Enemy (Episode 9)

HBO/VICE goes back to BP spill scene. The aftermath 5 years later is horrifying. (1st 15 min only). In the ninth episode of our second season of VICE on HBO, Shane Smith heads to Louisiana to report on the lasting effects of the BP oil spill. Then, VICE investigates why Yemen is at the top of the wo...More

Man Stroke Woman - Man Cold

Poor little bunny. For God's sake, woman, he's a man, he's got a man cold!

4CHAN RAIDS: Guy does EVERYTHING 4chan says


Sesame Street: House of Bricks (House of Cards Parody)

Sesame Street did a House of Cards Parody and it's amazing.. Some people say there's too much pork in this town. Frank Underwolf could not agree more. And that is why Mr. Underwolf is on a mission to huff and puff and blow down all the little pigs' houses. In this town, you have to know which way th...More

David Bowie in one minute, in one take

The many ch-ch-changes of David Bowie, in one minute, in one continuous take. ONE MINUTE POP STARS EPISODE 1, 2 MORE TO GO! CREW: Co-Writer/Director/Editor/Goblin King Groin Obsessive: Will Tribble Co-Writer/Producer/Disco King: Geoff Gedroyc Lighting and Camera: Nezih Savaskan Steadicam: And...More

Bravo, Stuttgart Fans! Consoling Youngster Baumgartl

Stuttgart fans console 18 yr old youngster after committing an error that cost them the match.. A great moment from the Stuttgart fans after their side’s 3-2 loss to Borussia Dortmund: The disappointed players - particularly 18-year-old Timo Baumgartl, whose mistake led to BVB’s third goal - rec...More

The Daring: No Regrets

Only those who dare drive the world forward #DareGreatly Featuring Jason Wu, Anne Wojcicki, Njeri Rionge, Richard Linklater, and Steve Wozniak. Song: Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien performed by Edith Piaf Explore How Cadillac Drives the World Forward:

Young woman criticizing international socialism: "What are we doing in a luxury 5-star hotel?"

Young woman criticizing international socialism: "What are we doing in a luxury 5-star hotel?". Beatriz Talegón, General Secretary of the International Union of Socialist Youth, puts the record straight on worldwide socialist leaders accusing them of being responsible for the current and ...More

Baby Cockatiels' first 30 days

A Baby Cockatiels First 30 Days. I read somewhere that the growth rate of a cockatiel in the first 30 days is so fast that it's equivalent to a human newborn turning 5 years old in 30 days. So, I was really excited to see this happen and to document it, especially for my sister who wanted to see pi...More

Bunch o Balloons

Screw-on device makes 36 sealed water balloons in 15 seconds. Bunch o Balloons makes 100 water balloons per minute! Get it at

Best Funny Knock Out Ever

Bitch you alright. The title saids it all and i had to share it with you keep watching!

Aston Martin Vulcan - Teaser

Prepare for take off... Geneva 2015

Bread slicing machine germany

Bread-Slicing machine at grocery store in Germany.

Item Abuse 3: The Finale (The Hardest Super Mario World Level In Existence)

Speedrun of the hardest Super Mario World level in existence (Item Abuse 3). Download the IPS here: For an in-depth description about Item Abuse 3, visit the SMWCentral thread here: Frame...More

Paunch Burger Commercial

Parks and Rec put a fake ad in the last episode, I'm ashamed to admit I thought it was a real ad until the very end..

Elijah Aaron REMIXES Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre & 2Pac - LIVE LOOPING

Elijah Aaron REMIXES Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre & 2Pac - LIVE LOOPING. PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT, & SHARE!

Fresh water scarcity: An introduction to the problem - Christiana Z. Peppard

View full lesson: Fresh water is essential for life -- and there's not nearly enough of it for the world right now. Why is that, and what could we do? Christiana Z. Peppard lays out the big questions ...More

No Exit [SFM]

No Exit. A beautifully done animation that deserves more attention. [SFM]. Since the last version, I did another polish pass on the animation, camera, and added some effects. Might take a break from this piece for a while...I've been working on this for way too long.

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