Jamie Foxx discusses his lyrics to 'Storm' - The Graham Norton Show: Series 15 Episode 2 - BBC One

Graham Norton questions Jamie Foxx's lyrics. Programme website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b040qjwt Graham and his guests discuss the meaning behind Jamie Foxx's song, 'Storm'.

Game Of Mobile Homes [Episode 2]

Irish gypsies/trailer trash love bare knuckle fighting and YouTube. Someone's made a hilarious new guide.... Our guide to Ireland's bare knuckle family feuds that put the lads in Game Of Thrones to shame! All in good fun. New episodes every Monday. For bonus content join us @ http://www.Facebook.com...More

Jupiter Ascending Trailer 2

Jupiter was born under a bad sign - and it's about to get significantly worse.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Trailer 2

The X-Men laugh all over the theory of relativity to travel back in time to fight side-by-side with their younger selves to save all of us in the future - and this is just the second trailer.

Orange Is The New Black - Season 2 - Official Trailer

Orange Is The New Black - Season 2 Trailer - Explicit. The highly-anticipated second season of Netflix's ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK goes back behind bars for another sentence with the fearless, funny and unforgettable inmates of Litchfield prison. The series' ensemble includes Taylor Schilling, Jason...More

Mindy Kaling on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 2

Mindy and Jimmy share backhanded compliments they each receive, and Mindy talks about her body image. Jimmy Kimmel Live - The second part of Jimmy's interview with Mindy Kaling #KIMMEL Jimmy Kimmel Live's YouTube channel features clips and recaps of every episode from the late night TV show on A...More

Friends - No Laugh Track 2 (Ross Attacks Women)

'Friends' without the laugh track is incredibly creepy. My second installment of Friends videos with the laugh track taken out. In this video, we discover Ross' secret desires for jumping on and attacking women. Enjoy!

The Raid 2 Internet Trailer

That's a lot of action for a minute and twenty-one seconds. IGN has an internet-exclusive trailer for

[Dopefish] Dark Souls 2 Character Creation!

Dark Souls 2 character creation, one of the funniest videos I've seen in a long while.. Dopefish discovers the Advanced Settings of the Dark Souls 2 character creator and, of course, creates the most horrible yet hilarious abomination ever seen! Edited by Kevin: http://youtube.com/DrogadKattSpelar ...More

Drugs at Work 2: Christmas (cocaine, LSD, Ketamine)

English guy takes cocaine, LSD, Ketamine and tries to wrap presents while tripping.. Click for article detailing my experiences - (http://bit.ly/1gpxP4o) Follow Sam @SPOBriggs. link - (https://twitter.com/SPOBriggs) More articles can be found at http://www.sickchirpse.com/author/sam-briggs/ All Mone...More


Even though i'm not a huge basketball fan, this must have been the most tense game of sport i have ever seen. Watch till the end ;). Three seconds, Two steals, One ridiculous buzzer-beater for the ages! This is the final 2 minutes of the New Rochelle vs Mount Vernon Section 1 Class AA High School C...More

TT 2013 - On Bike Lap - Michael Dunlop - Supersport Race 2 - Lap 3

Best Isle of Man TT camera angle I've ever seen. I can physically feel the speed.. It's lap 3 of the 2013 Monster Energy Supersport Race 2 - Michael Dunlop is holding second place on corrected time to Bruce Anstey but trailing John McGuinness and Cameron Donald on the road. As he leaves the pits it...More

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