Christoph Waltz Interview Comic-Con 2012

Why Christoph Waltz is my favorite actor. Academy Award winning actor, Christoph Waltz, rejoins Quentin Tarantino for his western action film, Django Unchained. The film also stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin Candie and Jamie Foxx as Django. Waltz portrays bounty hunter and former dentist, Dr. King ...More

London Olympics 2012 | Usain Bolt's Gold in the 100 Meter Sprint | The New York Times

Usain Bolt's Gold in the 100 Meter Sprint compared to other sprinters of 12 decades. One Race, Every Medalist Ever. Usain Bolt's 9.63 set an Olympic record in the 100. So how far ahead of every Olympic medalist is he? The New York Times examines modern Olympic results in the context of 116 years of ...More

Hyperfest 2012: "Some guy hit a deer" (c)

Hyperfest 2012: "Some guy hit a deer" - in a Corvette. Bad enough my car got smashed, but to add insult to injury the NASA HyperFest emcee told ten thousand fellow Hillbillians that I was responsible for the thirty minute Daisy Duke delay. Lesson? Always use your face shield. Watch ano...More


Disney doesn't mess around when it comes to their actors.. You can now meet Princess Merida from Disney & Pixar's new animated film BRAVE. In theater's June 22! FaceBook:

Google Science Fair 2012: How can I bring stable power to remote villages?

Harine, a 2011 Google Science Fair finalist from Southern India, tells us about what inspired her to look into ways of improving power supplies to remote villages in the developing world. Enter this year's competition here:

Man Comforts His Dying Dog 2012

I'll always be a dog person. Really sad video of a man helping to ease the pain of his beloved best friend.

2012 ski doo summit X close call with cliff fall

Snowmobile has close call. I almost fall off a GIANT cliff on Idaho Wyoming border filmed with Liquid Image video goggles, wearing my motorfist riding gear

Creamfields Swamp Donkey 2012

This successfully scared me away from going to a music festival. Warning: don't eat bread while watching [NSFW]. A classy girl playing around in the Creamfields mud in 2012 whilst destroying someone's tent!

BEST FREESTYLE EVER Maximum Destruction Orlando 2012 INSANE **BEST VIEW** Monster Jam

I'm not usually a monster truck fan, but damn. This is amazing!. Easily one of the greatest freestyles the Citrus Bowl has ever seen.

Molotov Jukebox - Trying (Live at Summer Sundae 2012) HD 1080p

Osha from Game Of Thrones is also a great singer (and accordian player).. This was the last song in thier set on Saturday 18th August 2012 recorded on the main stage during the Summer Sundae festival at De Montford Hall and Gardens in Leicester. Video was recorded on Canon 60D with 70-200mm f4L IS ...More

SebeRevolta WORKOUT CZECH Adam Raw Calisthenics 2012 HD

So.. this guy exists. I decided to make 2012 compilation video, not to just inspire and motivate others, but also myself to work even harder and progress more in 2013. New age begins, Living Legendz, prepare... Big thanks to Little Be...More

F1 - Germany 2012 - Onboard Best Moments

F1 on board footage from the 2012 german GP. Absolutely mental. Look at the pit stop after 1:36.

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