Creamfields Swamp Donkey 2012

This successfully scared me away from going to a music festival. Warning: don't eat bread while watching [NSFW]. A classy girl playing around in the Creamfields mud in 2012 whilst destroying someone's tent!

Top Secret Drum Corps - Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2012 - 720p HD

Just saw this for the first time. Never thought I'd ever see a drum line quite like this. Amazing. Top Secret Drum Corps is a precision drum corps based in Basel, Switzerland. With 25 drummers and colorguard members, the corps became famous for its demanding six-minute routine performed at the Edinb...More

Lego City 2012 : $10,000 and a sense of humor

This guy's commentary is hilarious as he gives you a tour of his lego city. It's HUGE!. Hi, and welcome to video version 2 of Lego City 2012. Its taken me about 4 years so far to create and is a mix of Lego stock models, models modified for my own purposes, others original works and of course my own...More

Lucy Spraggan's Bootcamp performance in full - Tea and Toast - The X Factor UK 2012

One of the most well written songs Ive heard in a while. Visit the official site: Does your insatiable appetite for lovely Lucy know no bounds? If so, you've come to the right place. As a special treat, we've decided to post the mind-bogglingly brilliant Tea and Toast in its ...More

F1 - Germany 2012 - Onboard Best Moments

F1 on board footage from the 2012 german GP. Absolutely mental. Look at the pit stop after 1:36.

Bill Burr You People are all the Same 2012

Bill Burr... "You People are all the Same" [Full show]. Bill Burr You People are all the Same 2012. Another Great special from Bill Burr. Go support Him here I own nothing. This video and all its content belongs exclusively to Bill Burr. Bill Burr You Peopl...More

Afghanistan's Girl Skaters – Kabul 2012

Curious about what's happening during the summer days at Skateistan in Kabul? Well, in July we filmed various girls' classes to share what they've been up to, both in the skatepark and the classroom.

Red Bull Rampage 2012 USA Full Recap

Red Bull Rampage 2013 takes place tomorrow, here are some of last year's highlights. Get Red Bull Rampage 2012 on iTunes: Red Bull Rampage - unforgiving, scary, treacherous - and the best event of the year for freeride mountain bikers. From the building to the buildup, watch what...More

Tribute to Christopher Hitchens - 2012 Global Atheist Convention

The 2012 Global Atheist Convention's moving tribute to Christopher Hitchens. View Richard Dawkin's tribute to Christopher Hitchens at the 2012 GAC View Lawrence Krauss's tribute to Christopher Hitchens at the 2012 GAC http://youtu...More

Smoking Kid - Best of #OgilvyCannes 2012 / #CannesLions

2012 Cannes Award: Bronze Title: Smoking Kid Client: Thai Health Promotion Foundation Office: Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok Category: Outdoor Called by many "the best anti-smoking ad ever," this campaign filmed children walking up to adult smokers, asking them for a light. Every adult took the o...More

Beethoven - Symphony No. 9 (Proms 2012)

This is the entire 9th Symphony by Beethoven. If you've ever listened to it the whole way through, it is utterly transcendental.. Prom 18: Beethoven Cycle -- Symphony No. 9, 'Choral' Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 1 - Allegro ma non troppo, un poco maestoso 2 - Scherzo: Molto vivace -- Presto 3 ...More

Doritos - Make Your Own -- Crash the Super Bowl 2012 Entry

Still one of the best commercials to never air on TV - Make Your Own Doritos.. Everyone involved in the creation of this video has joined together to form a new comedy channel out of Austin, TX. Please SUBSCRIBE for more great videos like this one: w/John Ramsey &...More

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