Biggest AFL Hits (Modern Era)

This is as raw and brutal as sport gets. Some of the biggest bumps and hits in the modern era of Australian Football. Song: 300 Violin Orchestra - Jorge Quintero Clear Eyes - Full Heart Note: I do not own any of these clips. All rights to the AFL.

AFL 360 - 2012 Grand Final from all angles

As an Australian, I'm at your mercy Reddit. We've all witnessed America's version of a football final recently. Here's ours in it's most gritty and dramatic form. I present a beautiful package of highlights of the Grand Final 2012.. Highlights of an epic 2012 AFL Grand final by AFL 360 - credit to V...More

The 2012 AFL Grand Final (Hawthorn Hawks v Sydney Swans)

America, this is Australia's version of the superbowl, and it really is one of the greatest sports on earth. Watch the first 15 mins and you'll get what I mean. See comments for rules of the game.. The 2012 AFL Grand Final (Hawthorn Hawks v Sydney Swans)

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