MAN vs PREGNANT Women | Guys Approach with Caution

Man VS pregnant woman. I don't recommend this. The last few months I some how felt the need to irritate my pregnant wife. Man vs Pregnant Wife kind of story with and angry bird thrown in. Most pregnant women do NOT like to hear those words, “How you feeling??”. Fortunately our family have a good...More

Pilot's View of Airbus A380 approach and landing at San Francisco

Pilot's View of Airbus A380 approach and landing at San Francisco.

The anglerfish: The original approach to deep-sea fishing

Deep-sea anglerfish are strange and elusive creatures that are very rarely observed in their natural habitat. Fewer than half a dozen have ever been captured on film or video by deep diving research vehicles. This little angler, about 9 cm long, is named Melanocetus. It is also known as the Black Se...More

2012 DA14 Asteroid close approach - Extended

February 15 asteroid close flyby simulation. On February 15, a 45-meter wide asteroid known as "2012 DA14" will pass within 20,000 miles of Earth, which is approximately 1/12th of the way to the Moon and well within range of many Earth-orbiting satellites. While scientists don't anticipate a collisi...More

Changing disease landscapes - Towards a Global Health approach

Disease is the final effect of a series of bad practices. We cannot cure or prevent disease without taking care of the causes. The video delivers the key messages of the publication "World Livestock 2013: Changing disease landscapes" with the aim to support a more proactive approach to Global Hea...More

Diesel Reloaded: TUM's "Innotruck" demonstrates a radical, holistic approach to electromobility

Assembly and the first test drive of the futuristic "Innotruck" research vehicle in Germany. Watch TUM's Innotruck beeing assembled and taken for its first ride. Embodied in a sleek, Colani-designed tractor-trailer that looks more like a spaceship than a truck, the project "Diesel Reloaded...More

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