Hard Knock Hip Hop - Orbit Arts Academy

Dude in Orange Knocks it out!. Campers at Orbit Arts Academy's 2014 Musical Theatre Camp rock out to a fun remix of Hard Knock Life from Annie. Choreography by Alex Preston. "Hard Knock Life ABDC Remix" is the intellectual property of District 78. Orbit Arts Academy claims no copyright ownership t...More

Water Transfer Printing - Hydrographics - Wassertransferdruck Process | HG Arts (www.hgarts.com)

Water Transfer Printing, an amazing process of applying colors/patterns/designs to virtually any surface. Europe's Premier Water Transfer Printing Training Facility Visit us for more information : http://www.hgarts.com Location: Barcelona (Spain) Video shows Water Transfer Printing / Hydrographi...More

The Universal Arts of Graphic Design

PBS Off Book draws our attention to the often overlooked form of visual communication that continuously surrounds our everyday lives, graphic design.

HEBOCON: The Robot Contest for Dummies [The Jury Selections, The 18th Japan Media Arts Festival]

Badly made robots battle in a bizarre sumo-wrestling match known as Hebocon, hilarious destruction ensues.. Hebocon is a robot sumo-wrestling tournament for those who don't have the technical skills to actually make robots. 31 pseudo-robots that don't even move properly came together to go head to h...More

Tai Chi 0 Official US Trailer #1 (2012) - Stephen Fung Steampunk Martial Arts Epic HD

Trailer for Tai Chi 0. A Steampunk, Kung-fu Masterpiece.. Subscribe to TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/sxaw6h Subscribe to COMING SOON: http://bit.ly/H2vZUn Tai Chi 0 Official US Trailer #1 (2012) - Stephen Fung Martial Arts Epic HD Follows the struggle and adult life of founder of the Yang style Tai Chi, ...More

Musical swings at Place des Arts

Swings placed at Bus Stop on the street of Montreal. We came out of the metro and found this! Each swing plays individual notes from a different instrument. If you swing in sync with the people on the swings closet to you, the music also syncs. Really very cool. Designed by Melissa Monigat and Mouna...More

RADIOHEAD - Paranoid Android (performed by Toledo School for the Arts Percussion Ensemble)

Paranoid Android - Performed by our local charter school for the arts.. Arrangement by Rob Desmond Recorded March 5th, 2013 at The Toledo School for the Arts

Joey from War Horse visits AT&T Performing Arts Center

An amazing demonstration of a horse puppet in action (from the stage play "Warhorse") It's the subtle things that make it so amazing to me.. WAR HORSE will be part of our 2012/2013 Season along with CHICAGO, ANYTHING GOES, FELA!, TRACES, JEKYLL & HYDE! attpac.org/broadway

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