The Amazing Fiji Rugby 7s Team at City Athletic, London.

Fijian national rugby team give thanks after a gym session. The amazing Fiji Rugby 7s Squad singing a traditional thank you song after training at London Performance Gym, City Athletic. Fiji are in town for the IRB World Sevens Series Final at Twickernam this weekend: they were such a lovely bunch ...More

Raffaello D'Andrea: The astounding athletic power of quadcopters

Quadcopters that can balance a glass of liquid while moving, catch and throw a ball with a net, be controlled by Kinect, and more. You'll be amazed starting at 2:57. In a robot lab at TEDGlobal, Raffaello D'Andrea demos his flying quadcopters: robots that think like athletes, solving physical proble...More

Lionel Messi Golazo Vs Athletic Bilbao

Ridiculous goal by Lionel Messi. Commentator Ray Hudson blows his load about it. what a goal by the greatest & what a commentary by ray hudson

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