Failed Assassination Attempt on Ahmed Dogan

One click from death. Ahmed Dogan Assassination Attempt. INCREDIBLE VIDEO - Bulgaria Bulgarian Politician | Failed Assassination Attempt Failed assassination attempt on Ahmed Dogan Failed assassination on Ahmed Dogan (National Palace of Culture in Sofia) Live TV SOFIA, Bulgaria — Police in Bulgar...More

My first attempt at trying to love a squirrel

Patience, determination, and a bag of almonds amounted to a chance encounter with this little guy.. The outcome was less than satisfactory.....

Mark Kroos - Flight Attempt

This is my friend Mark. He recently lived in a large closet attached to my bathroom. He is a wizard of the guitar.. Mark Kroos plays the song "Flight Attempt" from his album "Down Along the Lines of Joy" available at Tuning is DADGAD on both necks with capo at the 2nd fret....More

World's Worst Attempt At Parallel Parking, Enjoy!

Female in Ireland tries to park her car. "At least she's good looking. She'd do for a poke if the TV was broke". Female tries to park her car, taking easily 30 mins altogether. One of us ran down to ask did she want help but she said no so then we decided to video half way in. Fitzroy Ave,...More

Hilarious attempt at insurance fraud fails!

Insurance Fraud Fails!. Hilarious attempt at insurance fraud fails! auto insurance quotes auto insurance auto insurance quotes online free auto insurance quotes auto insurance quote automobile insurance auto insurance companies affordable auto insurance cheapest auto insurance best auto insurance

My first attempt to discourage Sammy

Put tape face up on my desk to discourage my cat from jumping up, this is the result. I have been trying to discourage him to jump on my desk so I put face up Scotch packing tape on my desk and recorded his reaction. Quite funny, was not expecting him to freak out that much. To use this video in a ...More

Humpback whales' attempt to stop killer whale attack - Planet Earth Live - BBC One

Two Humpback Whales attempt to save Grey Whale calf from a pod of Killer Whales. [2:54]. Extraordinary footage of a killer whale attack on a Gray whale calf, when humpback whales arrive and try to intervene.

04sep12 T Cody attempt transfer of weed

Kickass mallcop tries to stop transfer of weed.

Court room feint attempt FAILURE - Hilarious

Man pretends to have heart attack... trial continues around him with judge clearly not bothered by the dumb acting. Submit and get paid! Subscribe! I guess he's just a sleep? EPIC

Hilarious first attempt of a drag lift on a snowboard

This has got to be the funniest video i have seen. Hilarious first attempt of a drag lift by Frank Spencer (aka Dave Doleman of Harel Insurance Brokers, Lloyds of London). First day of a lads week ski trip to Veysonnaz, Switzerland. Sit back and enjoy! Full video of the entire week can be seen here...More

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