How To Avoid Losing Your Bag in Rio

Techniques of the bag thieves in Rio. If you've ever lost a bag on the beach, this could be what happened! Conor catches a bag thief and learns some tricks of the trade. Be careful next time you bring a bag to the beach! Watch Scam City on Travel + Escape, Sundays at 11pm ET/ 10pm PT. Watch full ep...More

Half in the Bag: Interstellar - While Mr. Plinkett's house floats across Lake Michigan, Mike and Jay attempt to wrap their brains around Christopher Nolan's latest film Interstellar. Mike also discusses some previous films about black holes such as Event Horizon and The Black Hole.

Drawing time lapse: a bag of M&M's - hyperrealistic art

Drawing time lapse: a bag of M&M's - hyperrealistic art. Support my FACEBOOK page: :) FOLLOW ME ON G+: DEVIANTART: MUSIC: "How About It"...More

Air Canada baggage fail 20 ft bag toss in Toronto

Air Canada 20 ft baggage toss. Pearson Airport.. Baggage handlers at Pearson International in Toronto toss carry-on luggage that had to be gate checked on overcrowded plane from top of jetway. For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom

How a Bag of Mushrooms Can Clean A Polluted River

Radical Mycology is teaching communities how to clean their own land and water, by harnessing the power of fungus.

Half in the Bag Episode 76: Into the Storm and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Mike and Jay are joined by a construction worker named “Rich” “Evans” to talk about Into the Storm, a found footage rip off of Twister, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a modern day rip off of your childhood heroes.

Abby Goldberg Appears on HLN to Discuss Her Petition Supporting Plastic Bag Bans

Abby Goldberg, the 13-year-old Illinois teen who successfully petitioned Governor Pat Quinn to veto a proposed bill that would have prohibited towns from banning plastic bags, speaks about the success of her petition. You can view Abby's campaign at

The Bag Snaggers

Who saves New York City's trees from the menace of plastic bags? Meet the bag snaggers of the Bette Midler-founded New York Restoration Project. A short film by Aaron Reiss and Jamie Hefetz.

Angry Ram destroys a punching bag

Angry ram gets fed up with a punching bag that won't stop hitting him back. He likes to stay in shape with his heavy bag, he wont stop until its on the ground Follow Angry Ram on Facebook for regular updates -

The Body Bag Experiment - SOCIAL DISORDER

Hilarious Prank Video by Roosterteeth. Aaron and Chris challenge each other to drag a body bag across the city from their apartment to the river in less than 30 minutes... With a little help from innocent bystanders. RT Store: Rooster Teeth: ...More

Paper Bag Monologue from the Wire (Kinetic Typography)

My most ambitious kinetic typography experiment yet. It could be better, but then again I didn't want to spend a week on it.

Epic Dime Bag Prank On COPS (NYPD)

Excuse me officer, I found a dime bag.. SUBSCRIBE: We decided to have some fun with the NYPD and pull a harmless prank that would bring a smile to their faces (well, most of them anyway). Part 2 will be on the Pranks Channel on FRIDAY..STAY TUNED!!

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