Bending Light.

The craft of neon sign bending is an uncommon art. Passed down through the generations, Andrew Hibbs represents what is means to make a living out of bending light.

ship bending due to wave motion

This is how much a ship flexes in rough seas... kinda scary.. Container ship msc busan underway in heavy seas. Please note 00:11 when she hits significant wave of height approx. 7-8 meters

Extreme wood bending with ammonia

Apparently you can bend wood using gaseous ammonia, this is a pretty cool demonstration of it. Also this channel has a ton of cool DIY type stuff.. Bending wood with ammonia is not really DIY, but I show the process, which is extremely effective. There is also a commercial product that is pre-treat...More


A recent purple blob in the Pacific sent a large scale west swell to the Hawaiian Islands. Debates were made whether or not the unusual angle of swell would work at Jaws. After a historic few days of surfing and arguably the best big wave ever caught by a woman, we'll let the images do the talking ...More

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