Martha Stewart Kills It at The Justin Bieber Roast

She's good at being bad, and not afraid to push the envelope. #BieberRoast. Martha Stewart Kills It at The Justin Bieber Roast,Martha Stewart (Celebrity),Martha Stewart At Justin Bieber Roast,Marth Stewart Justin Bieber,Justin Bieber Roast,Justin Bieber (Celebrity),Martha Stewart...More

14-Year-Old Justin Bieber -- Sings Parody 'One Less Lonely N*****' And About Joining Ku Klux Klan

R.I.P. to Justin Bieber's Career as of today (2009-2014). Full story on A 14-year-old Justin Bieber did a horribly racist version of his own song 5 years ago ... looking into camera and singing ... "Ther...More

Justin Bieber sleeping with Girl in Brasil (REAL and ORIGINAL VIDEO)

Another person recorded Justin Bieber after their intercorse.. I totally just fucked Justin Bieber and here is the video to prove it. He sleeps so peaceful. ;) This is what you get for falling asleep during sex like me on facebook. follow on twitter.

TOUCHER & RICH- Rich with Justin Bieber Fans

Justin Bieber fans trolled in Boston outside his hotel.. Rich found out the hotel Justin Bieber was staying, came out of the hotel to a mob scene and acted as his tour manager.

Ron Burgundy Roasts Justin Bieber at Comedy Central Roast

Roast Of Justin Bieber - Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy Roasting Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Arrested: The tweet he should be forced to send

Watch MORE of my videos: Instagram Twitter Facebook Tumblr SnapChat: JoshSundquist Download my audiobook for FREE: h...More

Justin Bieber is too cool for... Mark Wahlberg? - The Graham Norton Show - Series 10 Ep.16 - BBC One

Mark Walberg on Justin Beiber. Joining Graham on his sofa are Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg, currently starring in new film Contraband, actress Minnie Driver and comedian Mark Watson.


Whoever did this, thank you. BABE NO. babe, wait. babe, no!

Javon Johnson - "Letter from Michael Jackson to Justin Bieber"

Subscribe to Button! New video daily: If you loved this poem, check out T Miller: Javon Johnson, performing during the Button Showcase at the 2014 National Poetry Slam. Check out more from Javon on Facebook ( and Twitter (http:/...More

Bieber Goes To Court

In case you missed it - alright, you probably didn't. But here's a Team Coco-exclusive clip of Justin Bieber's Miami court appearance.

Escape Bieber Fever

A radio station in New Zealand have made an competition for when Justin Bieber comes to NZ.. Win tickets out of the country when Justin Bieber arrives in New Zealand this November. Details:

Justin Bieber Gets Attacked in Dubai Concert May 5th .

Justin Bieber assulted at Dubai Concert. Here is a video of JB getting attacked in the concert on may 5th dubai. He didn't make it´╗┐ obvious so that people think anything happened and he just continued and the security did everything so quickly. Also remember to subscribe :

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