Can Birds Actually Deliver Messages?

Is it all just make believe? Check out Audible! SUBSCRIBE (it's free!) GET THE BOOK: Written by Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown Instagram and Twitter: @whalewatchmeplz and @mitchellmoffit Clickable: a...More

Mink chatters at birds

I love it when my cat does this! Captured it for the first time today!.

Early Birds vs Night Owls

Does the early bird really get the worm? Watch our Pop Music Experiment: SUBSCRIBE! It's free: ---Links to follow us below--- Written by Amanda Edward (@mlle_capsaicin), Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown Get the AsapSCIENCE book! http://asapscience.c...More

Birds Vs Planes - Little Blue.

This is my first proper music video, I decided to keep things simple and just send the band to the edge of space. [3:44]. Little Blue - Narrow Angles EP - Released: 21 March 2013 ℗ 2012 Music Bakery Download - Physical - http://www.r...More

Birds in my house 1

Came home to Find this after a 30 minute errand run... (Second video in comments).

Parents Talk to Their Kids About The Birds and the Bees for the First Time

Parents talk to their kids about sex for the first time. Produced, Directed, and Edited by Camera Operator: Noah Martin Audio: Curtis Enlow Makeup: Sable Desireè Photographer: April Villanueva Production Assistant: Jessica Law Talent: Anijae & Amnah Melody, Gabriel & Tamara Maddo...More

Grown man angry over angry birds

dad gets angry that his angry birds app was deleted. Man mad over angry birds

Márquez off the line in Valencia -- A bird's eye view

Motorcycle racing fan or not, you have to appreciate this start from Marquez at the back of the grid.. Watch the incredible start from Moto2™ World Champion Marc Márquez from a different point of view in the Valencia race, where he had been demoted to last on the grid due to an earlier penalty fr...More

Friendly Magpies, Kookaburras, Butcher Birds feeding session

Feeding the neighbours in Australia. Check out my other bird videos here: A typical feeding session for the local meat eating wildlife. Freddie (as in Mercury) is so called as he sings a lot. Magpies sing better than Crikey the kookaburra's Call....More

Spent Hen Slaughter Exposé: Birds Abused and Scalded Alive

New undercover investigation finds chickens abused and scalded alive at Minnesota slaughterhouse. Help stop this suffering: An undercover exposé at a spent hen slaughter plant in Butterfield, Minnesota revealed severe animal suffering.

Classy Birds of Grafton St - April 2014

I hope I never have daughters.... All because she couldn't get some sun dried tomatoes... Twitter: @Oisgreg

This Is SportsCenter - Birds

It's always the simple commercials that seem to be the greatest. ESPN nails it.. The windows are causing issues in Bristol.

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