Man helps dead shark give birth to 3 babies.

Man helps dead shark give birth to 3 babies on beach. Shark washed up on beach. It was dead but it's tummy was jiggling. Bystander cut it open in order to save the babies.

Birth Of The Lightsaber

George Lucas, Mark Hamil, and sound designer Ben Burtt talk about the creation of one of the most iconic weapons of all time.

A U.S. Surgeon in Syria: "From Birth to Death"

Surgeon Steve Rubin from the U.S. describes his work in one of the Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) hospitals in northern Syria. Before the war began, Syrians had access to good quality health care. Now that the country's health system has collapsed, MSF is one of very few re...More

The death of my D675 and birth of my Ninja skills: Idiot cager blows red light

My buddy got hit by a car while on his motorcycle, and landed like a god damn ninja.. This happened to me on 1/28/2015 as I left my parking garage to head home from work. I had just turned my helmet camera on (Contour ROAM) which is the starting point of this video. Cager clearly blows his red lig...More


Sadly, the US Supreme Court ruled In favor Hobby Lobby in their landmark case about whether or not they can deny birth control coverage based on their religious beliefs.

The Male Birth Control You've Never Heard Of

The Male Birth Control You've Never Heard Of. One of the easiest and most effective forms of birth control out there is something you've probably never heard of. A quick shot to a man's you-know-what safely destroys sperm before they have a chance to reach the egg. A second shot brings everything ba...More

World first - Orangutan birth captured live on camera at Durrell

World first - Orangutan birth captured live on camera. Incredible, never-seen-before footage of the "miracle birth" of a Sumatran orangutan has been caught live on video by Durrell Staff. See an exclusive video below and find out more information on this amazing story at

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