12-17-14 Silver Creek Aggregates Blast

Our mining company bought a drone. Here's a cool blast video we did!.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Meteorite blast wave blows out doors, windows in Russia!!!! 2-15-2013

The explosion from the meteorite seen from inside the building cctv. The pressure and shot waves all caught on video!! Really Scary Moments Are Living the Russians Right Now, Watch this video Recorded!

Outstanding team work catch by Adam Lyth and Aaron Finch for Yorkshire - Natwest T20 Blast

Amazing teamwork cricket catch taken yesterday. The fielder must not be touching the ball while over the boundary.. Fantastic work by Adam Lyth and Aaron Finch. Adam Lyth pulls the ball into play as he tips over the ropes, and Finch completes the catch.

A-Bomb Blast Effects (1959)

A-Bomb Blast Effects on US troops 1959 (blast happens around 2:57 but whole thing is interesting). (Silent) Even with the audio missing, it's interesting to see the soldiers running into the mushroom cloud after the tactical strike.

Team Rogket Blast Off

There is a website where you can pay £5 for a person to read your script. Best £10 I've ever spent.. Best £10 I've ever spent.

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