Idiot blows out his knee lifting an imaginary box!

My friend blew out his knee, lifting an imaginary box!. My friend blew out his knee lifting an imaginary box, he was working on a motion capture project for one of his video game design courses. This is why you always lift with your legs! Did I mention that he's a former UPS employee?

Diesel blows bubbles in the pool on command!

Dog blows bubbles underwater.. My bubble boy! Diesel loves to blow bubbles! He is the cutest!!! *To use this video in a commercial player or broadcast, please email

Secret Santa Conan Blows His Staffer's Mind

Conan does Secret Santa. Watch CONAN @ Conan O'Brien decides to join the staff Secret Santa exchange - and blows one employee's mind -- with a little help from Jon Hamm.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Meteorite blast wave blows out doors, windows in Russia!!!! 2-15-2013

The explosion from the meteorite seen from inside the building cctv. The pressure and shot waves all caught on video!! Really Scary Moments Are Living the Russians Right Now, Watch this video Recorded!

The death of my D675 and birth of my Ninja skills: Idiot cager blows red light

My buddy got hit by a car while on his motorcycle, and landed like a god damn ninja.. This happened to me on 1/28/2015 as I left my parking garage to head home from work. I had just turned my helmet camera on (Contour ROAM) which is the starting point of this video. Cager clearly blows his red lig...More

Lance Stephenson blows in LeBron's ear

Ultimate NBA Playoff Trolling. lol

New York bartender has some pipes, covers Creep (Radiohead), and blows us away

Just at a piano bar in NYC when it was closing down and the bartender stepped up to the mic and did this. We were at a piano bar as it was shutting down and the bartender stepped up to the mic and did this.

Dad blows up mom

Dad decides to make his first video with his new ipad [0:06]. This is the first video my dad made with his new app on his new ipad

Glow stick blows up in kid's face

Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom Jack (my little brother) heard that microwaving glow sticks made them glow brighter so decided to try it for himself. His first experiment went so well that he decided to film it so he could ...More

NeverWet Blows My Mind.

I swear, this stuff has to be sorcery and/or black magic. My personal NeverWet test. Also... cat.. Me, dumping BBQ sauce on my brand new, 100% WHITE Jordans that had been treated with NeverWet. Also... my cat.

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