Hot Girl with Balls Prank - Spring Break 2015

Hot Girl with Balls Prank. Get Break Gear! ►► Return of Grindr Prank ►► Gassy Beach Babe Prank ►► When a hot girl in a bikini asks you to rub sunblock on her back, get ready to deal with her package!! SURPRISE! This gi...More

Stressfull situation, rc car break the ice on a stream, successfull rescued by rc truck

RC car falls into frozen lake, RC truck comes to the rescue. I hadn't realized that the stream hadn't frozen all the way, the slash broke the ice... It's been a stressfull situation.

Corey Brewer Travel On Fast Break Dunk

Blatant Travel in an NBA Game. FS North

Behind the Break up - STRETCH

Behind the scenes with Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson - directed by Joe Carnahan.

Return of Grindr - Spring Break 2015

This guy pranks Frat Bros at Spring Break and gets their friends to think they're gay!. Get Break Gear! ►► Free Beer Cooler Scare Prank ►► Even More Grindr Pranks ►► Hey, Bro, Gaybriel from the Grindr app wants to hoo...More

Could Kool-Aid Man Break Through a Wall?

TWITTER: FACEBOOK: ***Click "SHOW MORE" for sources*** Masonry Properties Article on Pressure The Mechanical Prope...More

Bystander Revolution | Break the Cycle

Don’t fight bullying by trying to humiliate or attack the bully. Bullies often have their own problems that make them lash out. Compassion and understanding can help break the cycle.

Oxford house break in

Guy records 6 guys breaking into a frat house then gets assaulted - Miami, OH.

Crazy Video: Nothing can break this Shaolin kungfu master

An iron bar, steel spears and even an electric drill couldn't break through the skin of Zhao Rui, a 24-years-old Shaolin monk. COURTESY: RT's RUPTLY video agency, NO RE-UPLOAD, NO REUSE - FOR LICENSING, PLEASE, CONTACT RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! http://www.yout...More

Break Bullying: Not in the Break Room, Not on the Playground

Adult acting like grade school bully. Bullying: Unacceptable for an adult, unacceptable for a child. What will you do to stand up? Learn more about bullying solutions here: Produced by MAKE, a professional ad agency in Minneapolis, MN. Directe...More

WGN-TV Anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange`s commercial break handshake

Watch WGN-TV Weekend News Anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange do their entire commercial break handshake. Note: It spans TWO commercial breaks and has been edited together.

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