FULL ARTICLE: The 6th Street Bridge was built in 1932 and is currently the longest bridge (3500 feet) in Los Angeles. On January 27, 2016 it closed down and will be demolished in the upcoming weeks. The concrete has become unstable...More

Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge

Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic landmark of San Francisco and, tragically, one of the most popular places in the world to commit suicide. Few know this better than Kevin Briggs, a sergeant with the California Highway Patrol who has talked hundreds of people ou...More

Flying over Tisno bridge

A woman yesterday didn't stop when the bridge at Tisno-Croatia started raising. Yup..

Wall of water hits Newlyn Bridge

Storm hits my home town again. (UK). During the St Valentine's Day storm, huge waves cause flooding in Newlyn. 14 February 2014. Video by Ade Keast

Guinea Pig Bridge at the Nagasaki Bio Park - song by Parry Gripp

Guinea pig bridge. Visit the Guinea Pigs at the great Nagasaki Bio Park: Nagasaki Bio Park YouTube channel: Video footage property of the Nagasaki Bio Park. -----LYRICS------ Guinea Pig Bridge! (Guinea pig, gui...More

ACA [1st Place] | Bridge 2014 [Official Front Row 4K]

It's unbelievable that people can move like this. It looks like the video speed has been edited. ACA [1st Place] Film Coverage by Gerald Nonato @geraldnonadoez Bridge presented by Team Millennia & Happiness is Now Glendale High School 12.7.14

Time-lapse of Southington I-84 bridge replacement

This is an ABC (accelerated bridge construction) that went in over the weekend in my town. Traditional methods would have taken weeks or months.. Images from the Connecticut Department of Transportation website put together to show the progression of replacing the bridge carrying Interstate 84 over ...More

Bus Driver Saves Woman From Jumping Off Bridge

A bus driver is being hailed as a hero for preventing a woman from jumping off a bridge over a Buffalo highway. Darnell Barton stopped his bus over the Scajaquada Expressway when he saw the women standing on the wrong side of the guardrail. (Oct. 30)

Car accident: hit-and-run at the 11foot8 bridge

Hit-And-Run Driver Caught On Camera At Infamous 11 Foot 8 Bridge. Yesterday at around 6:40 a car on Peabody street hit a car travelling down Gregson St. It looks like they ran the stop sign on Peabody, slammed into the car on Gregson and then just took off. If you recognize the car, please report it...More

What happens when you get 28 month old boy to say "Frosting Bridge"

28 Months Old Kid saying "Frosting Bridge".. What happens when you get 28 month old boy to say "frosting bridge"

[Vinesauce] Vinny - Breaking Bridge Constructor

Breaking Bridge Constructor, by Vinny [3:46]. Bridge Constructor: Where the bridges are unstable and the physics completely insane. Edited from my live Bridge Constructor streams on For the record, this game isn't always screwed up and it's actually pretty damn fun.

Driver Fails at Low Bridge U-Turn - USA Truck

As a truck driver myself, this just kills me inside.. Swift driver knows what to do: Driver attempts a U-Turn instead of backing out from a low bridge situation. This folks is why you don't depend solely on your GPS! Why on earth would you do this to the ...More

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