Make Your Own Sparkling Wine - Brilliant Idea Busted

Kid tries to make sparkling wine with a carbonating machine.. My son Noah and I using Soda Stream machine to make sparkling wine.

Richard Dawkins brilliant quote

I guess this is how scientists fight. Dawkins vs. N. DeGrasse Tyson. [NSFW language]. Dawkins responds brilliantly to a criticism from an academic peer.

11 Brilliant Clues Hidden in Famous Movies and TV Shows

Quentin Tarantino maps out his entire movie career in one Pulp Fiction scene, along with other movie secrets.. SUBSCRIBE HERE: But you never noticed over your pile of buttery popcorn and Milk Duds. Watch our new series ROM.COM here: http:...More

Brilliant Sheep Herding Demonstration Using Border Collies

Brilliant sheep herding using border collies - amazing if you have never seen it. In this short video Brendan Ferris of Kells Sheep Centre shows how Border Collies are used to herd sheep. Brendan and his dogs are not only very skilled at what they do they are also very amusing! I took this vid...More

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