JR De Guzman - Crest Theatre, Sacramento, CA

A friend of my just started doing stand up comedy. Whadya think?.

Japanese Earthquake Tsunami Wave arrives in Emeryville CA

It may not look like much, but it kinda blows my mind that this wave reached the SF Bay Area the morning after the 2011 Japan earthquake.. We saw this wave come ashore in Emeryville today. Remember it had to go through the Golden Gate first so they must have had a larger wave on the unprotected bea...More

School Police Covering Up Abuse of Youth - Santa Ana CA

School Police Covering Up Abuse of Youth - Santa Ana CA - YouTube. We were told that a Santa Ana school cop was terrorizing students everyday after school in front of McFadden Intermediate. We went to go see what it was about not thinking that we would actually catch the cop doing it. It turned ou...More

Bank Robbery Stockton Ca 2014

Bank robber in Stockton Ca officially gets a 5 star wanted level.. Bank of the West got robbed today 07/16/2014 This video was shot by a friend. Keith Burgad. www.facebook.com/keith.burgad

PG&E Plant Implosion. Man Injured Next To Me - Bakersfield, CA

A boom, a clink, then a chilling "Oh my God!" - Flying debris takes off leg of spectator standing right next to cameraman at Bakersfield powerplant implosion earlier today. This was extremely surreal. He was standing directly the the left of me. I saw the piece come flying like a bullet, c...More

Rubbernecking causes crash on I-80 in Sacramento, CA

Rubbernecking causes crash on highway. Rubbernecking causes crash Multiple vechicle crash on I-80 in Sacramento, CA

Hawthorne, Ca Police Kill Dog(1)

Police arrest man for filming raid, then shoot his dog in front of him. Swat and police are waiting on people to come out of the house, when a guy pulls up to record the scene. His dog runs out the car while the cops shoot in defense.

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