Metal shavings on top of high voltage cable.

Metal shavings on high voltage cables.. Metal shavings on top of high voltage cable.

South Park HD Cable Guy Rubbing Nipples Full Version Oh You Can't

With the latest news of Comcast paying 45 billion to buy out Time Warner, this video is more relevant now than ever..

Lost everything I own in a Fire, Verizon Fios billed me $2,345 for my burned cable boxes

Guy loses everything he owns in a fire, Verizon FIOS sends collection notice for $2345 for 6 year old destroyed equipment.. Thank you to everyone for the positive comments. As far as "setting up a donation" I ask you please don't. This is not about money and I can afford my bill. This is about pr...More

Paraskiing Lift Cable Grind

A very intrepid paraskier pulls a grind on a ski lift cable and makes a 5-star touchdown on a path above the lodge parking lot.

South Park - Cable Company

South Park on cable companies – disturbingly accurate. Season 17 Episode 2 Informative Murder Porn

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