Inferno - Bullet Time Camera Array

48 DSLR camera array + RED Epic (120fps) and GH4 (96fps). No CGI Animation or VFX. All imagery in this video was created in-camera. Instagram: mitchmartinez_dop Twitter: cinemitch_dop More time slice (bullet time) videos and information: Press inquiries...More

Ghost voice caught on camera

Ghost voice caught on camera. Scary

Jurij Tepes Planica 19.3.2015 237,5m helmet camera

Insane POV Ski jump. My longest jump so far. This video is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To use this video for broadcast or in a commercial player go to: or email: or call: +4...More

GOPR6617.MP4 Can't get a camera any closer than this!

Lava spilling into the ocean. You can't get a camera any closer to the lava than this,unless you stick your camera into the Lava .

Camera Restricta

Algorithms are already looking through the viewfinder alongside with you: they adjust settings, scan faces and take a photo when you smile. What if your grin wasn't the only thing they cared about? Short film about a speculative design of a n...More

Bear gets heart attack!! Caught on camera

Bear having a heart attack.. A bear gets a heart attack while climbing up a hill in Alaska Caught on camera

Inside a Camera at 10,000fps - The Slow Mo Guys

Inside a Camera at 10,000fps. Gav shows you how insanely quick the inside of a DSLR camera moves when it takes a picture, by filming it at 10,000 fps. Follow on Twitter - Camera filmed is a Canon 7D. Shot with a Phantom Flex at 10,000fps Inside a camera at 10,000fps ...More

Santa Claus Caught On Camera!

My 7-year-old nephew reacts to catching Santa Claus on camera.. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

Washington il Tornado Caught on Camera Destroy the House

Most disturbing footage of tornado destroying a house. 11 17 2013 Tornado Washington,IL Video 11 17 2013 Tornado Washington,IL video 11 17 2013 Tornado Washington,IL video 11 17 2013 Tornado Washington,IL video 11 17 2013 Tornado Washington,IL video 11 17 2013 Tornado Washington,IL video 11 17 2013 ...More

Garage Heist - MI Spider - Night Vision Camera

This fucker broke into my garage through the ceiling last night. Got a security alert at 3AM. Caught it all on camera.. This guy broke in through the ceiling last night at 2:59 am, gathering intel on my latest projects.

Fantastic harmony of camera and monitor !!

A guy aims a video camera at a monitor connected to it. The feedback loop is mesmerizing.. Connect the camera and the monitor cable, and When the monitor via a video camera Made an interesting pattern

Ben's Camera Roll

My son figured out the camera on the iPad & iPhone. I found HOURS of video and cut it down to this.. I found hours of video Ben recorded on the iPad and iPhone and assembled them together into this super-cut.

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