The Legal Truth Part 1 - How Do You Get A Gun In Canada???

Getting a gun in Canada. Here are some links and info: In fact, Vancouver police report that 97% of firearms seized in 2003 were illegal guns smuggled in from the United States, usually by organized crime. Canada's National W...More


Joe Goes To CANADA: TORONTO & NIAGARA FALLS. I interview people in Toronto & Niagara Falls, and chug maple syrup. Next Wednesday: Joe Goes To CANADA: MONTREAL SUBSCRIBE: Watch more "Joe Goes" - New videos every Wednesday. Some will be classics. Sho...More

In Canada

In Canada. A polite song from two brothers who are just hoping your day is going okay. Brother Dave wrote this. More from him at The Canada Song © 2012 Written and composed by David Hadfield Lead Vocals -- Chris Hadfield, Dave Hadfield Guitar -- Dave Hadfield Bass -- Stuart Stein...More

Health Care: U.S. vs. Canada

One of the best verbal beat downs I've seen. Sen. Bernie Sanders asked a panel of experts to contrast the United States health care system with single-payer models throughout the world.

Air Canada: Gift of Home for the Holidays #ACgiftofhome

Air Canada pilots visit a Canadian bar in London, England with a gift for all the drunk Canucks. This holiday season, Air Canada wanted to give Canadians living abroad one of the best gifts imaginable. Their reactions were pure magic. Follow their stories at #ACgiftofhome Air Canada Twitter: https:/...More


Joe Goes To CANADA: VANCOUVER. I visit Vancouver, and interview people at the Celebration of Lights and the Gay Pride Parade. Next Wednesday: Joe Goes To CANADA: TORONTO SUBSCRIBE: Watch more "Joe Goes" - New videos every Wednesday. Some will be classics. ...More

O Canada Beer Fridge

In order to get the frosty Molson, you must sing the Canadian National Anthem. Canadians aren't very good at this. Plus a girl playing O Canada with a kazoo.

What I did in Canada

I'm a British person who went to Canada. I did as many Canadian things as I could... (x-post with /r/Canada). A supercut of all of the Canadian things I did in Canada.

Lobster Rolls & Potato Mountains on PEI: Keep it Canada (Episode 2)

In the second episode of Keep it Canada, Matty heads to PEI to meet a potato farmer, go clam-digging, eat a whole lot of lobster rolls, and cook for his new Islander friends on the beach. Check out Episode 1: Cowboys in Calgary - Read Now: Read Now: Who’s Putting Needles i...More

ufo sighting ontario canada

Canadian UFO Sighting. Subscribe to the everyday dicker'dness... had to stop and get some shots of this but then it appeared they were getting into attack formations so i had to deek bmp be sure to check out click the store tab, help out the cause and...More

Air Canada baggage fail 20 ft bag toss in Toronto

Air Canada 20 ft baggage toss. Pearson Airport.. Baggage handlers at Pearson International in Toronto toss carry-on luggage that had to be gate checked on overcrowded plane from top of jetway. For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom

Breathtaking bobsled crash by Canada - Sochi 2014 Olympics

Sochi - Canada 3 Bobsled Crash. The Canada 3 sled of Justin Kripps, Jesse Lumsden, Cody Sorensen and Ben Coakwell turns over during their 2nd run in the 4-man bobsled. The sledders would walk away, but drop to the bottom of the leaders list heading into their final 2 runs. Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter...More

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