You le Phoque et un chien au Cap ferret "moment de tendresse" le 07/01/2015

Definite proof that seals are just dogs living in the sea.. Jukin médias Vérifié (Original) * Pour licence / autorisation d'utiliser: Contact - licence (at) jukinmediadotcom

Vittel Refresh Cap

A water cap that reminds you to drink.. Ogilvy Paris Innovate an Irresistible Way for Vittel to remind people to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. 'Vittel Refresh Cap'. A tailor made cap that pops a flag every hour to...More

Bottle Cap Wall - 60,000 Bottle Caps on our Wall in 2 minutes

60,000 bottle caps later...One awesome wall.. After a recent office renovation, we were left with 459 square feet of empty, undecorated wall space. We knew we had to do something awesome. We brainstormed a few ideas, but nothing stuck. Then it came to us... Bottle Ca...More

I'm sure my petrol cap was on this side

I'm sure my fuel cap was on this side. There's too much stress in the world, hopefully this will cheer you up.

Cap And Trade - Carbon Offset - Carbon Footprint - Climate Change - Carbon Scam - Pollution Scam

Watch this entertaining video to understand how the cap n trade bill, the carbon offset etc. works. Its all a big scam that makes the poor and those who pollute LESS, pay MORE!

Bottle Cap Trick Shots

Don't kick back with a few brews and play Jenga with this guy. He will mess you up.

Just Scrap The Cap (We're Movin' In)

Learn more: Produced by Social Security Works - WA & The Economic Opportunity Institute Directed and Edited by Ben Pelhan

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