Murray Carter Gyuto

Now THAT'S a sharp knife!. Before and after stropping

Stories from Holiday Inn® Hotels: Majora Carter

Social entrepreneur Majora Carter is a woman on a mission to end poverty in the US. We’re honored she’s shared her journey with us and excited to share it with you.

Staff Sgt. Ty Carter

WASHINGTON — Army Staff Sgt. Ty Carter admitted to reporters that he was nervous. He had just received the Medal of Honor from President Barack Obama for his courage under fire, for running into an exposed battlefield time and time again to rescue a fallen friend during the deadly Battle of Kamde...More

Unbelievable save by Carter Hutton against the Leafs

Unbelievable save by Carter Hutton... [1:18]. Incredible goaltending

Majora Carter on Environmental Justice

How Majora Carter cleaned up the South Bronx. Topic: Environmental Justice. Majora Carter: I moved back to my neighborhood in the late '90s, after spending many years trying to disassociate myself from it. Because it was, to me, just the epicenter of urban blight. It was dirty. It did smell funny....More

Marvel's Agent Carter Sneak Peek

Get your first look at the original Jarvis, plus the return of Howard Stark and more with a full scene from "Marvel's Agent Carter," coming to ABC January 2015! Subscribe to Marvel: Keep up with Marvel on: TWITTER: FACEBOOK:

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