Chuck E. Cheese STOLE MY VIDEO!

Chuck E Cheese steals Cory "Mr. Safety" William's video. SHARE THIS VIDEO and help stand up for rights of independent artists! Chuck E. Cheese's stole my video, manipulated it and used it in their restaurants without giving me any credit. FOLLOW MY FACEBOOK FOR UPDATES: http://www.facebo...More

Chuck Feeney on Giving While Living

"I see little reason to delay giving when so much good can be achieved through supporting worthwhile causes today." -- Chuck Feeney, visionary philanthropist and founder of The Atlantic Philanthropies. Watch this short video about Chuck Feeney, his Giving While Living philosophy and his work to ha...More

Film director Rod Lurie kicked by Chuck Norris

Hey Reddit, here's a video of my dad getting kicked by Chuck Norris.. "Go ahead, Norris! Give it your best shot!"

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