The Cost of Campaigns | Retro Report | The New York Times

The Watergate campaign finance scandals led to a landmark law designed to limit the influence of money in politics. Forty years later, some say the scandal isn’t what’s illegal, it’s what’s legal. Produced by: Retro Report Read the story here: Subscribe to the Times...More

The High Cost Of Free Health Care

The High Cost Of Free Health Care[6:30]. Olly learned a lesson that day. A lesson that he forgot. And will learn again...and then forget again. It's a terrible cycle isn't it?

The Cost of Carbon

( Carbon pollution is warming the earth, creating dirty weather. And it's costing us. Find out how you are paying, add your cost, and share with those who can help to end climate denial and put a price on carbon.

The True Cost : Official Teaser Trailer

Help us bring this film to life by supporting it at: 'The True Cost' is a documentary film about the effects of the global clothing industry on people and the planet.

The Cost of Risk ... / Плата за риск...

Think before you overtake. Обгон - это маневр для здравомыслящих, адекватных людей. Маневр требующий к себе тщательного внимания, способность предвидеть ситуацию на шаг вперед...More

Who Pays the Price? The Human Cost of Electronics

This short documentary reveals the hazards of the electronics industry in China profiling workers poisoned by chemicals and their struggle for compensation. Thousands of young people in China enter export factories to make the West's favorite electronic gadgets, only to find they have contracted ...More

Fox News Expert: 'Women Have The Breasts' So Health Care Should Cost More Than Men

A Fox News medical expert on Tuesday argued that President Barack Obama's administration was wrong to force gender equality for health insurance rates because men "only have the prostate," while women "have the breasts, they have the ovaries." "Look, it's not bias, I'm not saying this as a ma...More

Cost of McDonald's, Wendy's, Chick-fil-A vs. Healthy Food

Fast food cost vs Healthy food cost. I made a grilled chicken sandwich from $10 a pound chicken and it is still costs less than a Chick-fil-A grilled chicken sandwich. That's not value. People tell me that they can't afford to eat high quality health food. But if you can afford fast food, you can ...More

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