Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (Commodore 64, 1985)

The year is 2007. It is the future... ------------------------------------------- Animation & music (covering the original theme by Power Glove) by Balazs Kalocsai Welcome to the '80s http://www.youtube.com/MajamiHiroz

The ULTIMATE Tuk Tuk Unleashed the TUK600 (Far Cry 4)

The TUK600 the most insane tuk tuk rickshaw ever created or even imagined. Check it drift,light up the rears, shoot, wheelie and donut while spitting 15ft flames in fact just writing that sentence make me realise what a bad ass machine this is. Far Cry 4 is available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStatio...More

Why We Cry

Thirty gallons a year - that's a lot of tears. No matter how tough we think we are, we're crying all time. Here's why.

Russian video that made the whole world cry

Russian video that made the whole world cry. .There is still hope on this world...:) . .Music: The Cinematic Orchestra - Arrival Of The Birds . DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE :) x) :3 :p

Howard Stern makes Sia cry on the radio

Howard Stern is so nice to Sia that she begins to cry live on air!.

Squeezing a 600cc engine in to a Tuk Tuk (Far Cry 4)

Squeezing a 600cc engine in to a Tuk Tuk. So to celebrate the release of Far Cry 4 i thought i'd take something in the game and make it a reality which is driving a Tuk Tuk and shooting stuff but it seemed a waste to leave the wimpy 150cc moped engine in it so here we have a nice CBR600 100bhp lump ...More

[HD] Yoko Ono - Cheshire Cat Cry (Ft. The Flaming Lips) - David Letterman 10-2-13

The worst song I have ever heard. Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band - Cheshire Cat Cry (Ft. The Flaming Lips - David Letterman 10-2-13....As Seen On ©CBS Weeknights 11:35/10:35pm c, All Rights Reserved. DL Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00F6N2TG4/ref=dm_sp_alb?ie=UTF8&qid=1380775129 Yoko ...More

Hit and Run 5K™ | Making Grown Ninjas Cry Since 2013

This looks like the best 5k ever.. Experience the obstacle course that makes grown ninjas cry, in a Hit and Run 5K near you! Register today at http://bit.ly/1eHmR87 for the 2013 Race Season! Follow Hit and Run 5K on Facebook at http://on.fb.me/13xZiti for updates on where the race is headed next, p...More

Far Cry 4 Map Editor - The End of The Goats

Far Cry 4 Map Editor - The End of The Goats. The Goats are back and i have finally found their Leader. Micheal Bay, step aside. Im the new lord of Explosions! Made with the Far Cry 4 Map Editor. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Robbazking Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/RobbazTube Behind the Scenes:...More

鳴きすぎるウサギ (おねだりダンダンウー!!)  The cry of a rabbit (dan-dan-woo!!)

Spoiled Bunny Growls and Thumps When Petting Stops - YouTube. 顔をなでろとわがまま云っています。 どうしようもなく、よく鳴くうー(うさぎ)です。

Making Kids Cry on Halloween

My friend scared trick-or-treaters from his porch on Halloween and filmed it on a GoPro. But he never intended this.. Scaring Trick or Treaters gone wrong.

Frodo likes to cry, jizz and fall over

Frodo likes to cry, jizz and fall over. During a Lord of the Rings marathon with a few friends, we noticed that Frodo spent half of the movies either crying, blowing his load or lying on the floor. So I thought I'd just whip this up to try count them. (I might have missed a couple though)

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