The World's Very First REAL-TIME Northern Lights Captured in 4K Ultra High Definition

The World's Very First REAL-TIME Northern Lights Captured in 4K Ultra High Definition. Come along with us on a virtual experience our Aurora Chasing in 4K Ultra High Def! Despite being under the weather, Marketa, Angus and I ventured out to capture the Northern Lights with our newest tool, the Atom...More

Adam Falkner's "The Definition of Privilege"

Adam Falkner, as part of Taylor Mali's Page Meets Stage Series at the Bowery Poetry Club met Philip Levine. Here, Adam performs "The Definition of Privilege".

Best Of Charleston, WV Interstate 64 Car Crashes in High Definition.

I like how the cameraman knows exactly who is going to crash.. A "Greatest Hits, and near misses..." This is a best of collection from the Charleston WV Interstate 64 Car Crashes in High Definition. B-Roll footage of cars and trucks spinning out and or crashing on the Charleston, WV Interstate 64...More

A High Definition Look at New York City in 1999 - World Trade Center - Times Square - 1080p HD

It feels so strange to look at a 1999 New York City in HD.. WBNS television was testing 'high definition' video cameras back in 1998 and 1999. On May 20th, 1999, the station sent several employees to New York City to shoot HD video of the city. The video includes HD shots of The World Trade Cente...More

Hitchcock's Definition of Happiness

Alfred Hitchcock provides the greatest definition of happiness you will ever hear. Alfred Hitchcock defines his idea of happiness. These are words that I live by. "A clear horizon, nothing to worry about on your plate. Only things that are creative and not destructive. That's within´╗┐´╗┐ yourself...More

The definition of friendship and true love

What an asshole. The best vines of Bon Jovi compiled into this one video. We love each other very much and he was not harmed in the making of any of these videos, can't say the same goes for myself....

The definition of Hard Sci-Fi

Science Fiction in a nutshell. Jules Verne was the real deal.

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