Record-Breaking Near-Space Dive Leaps from 135,000 Feet | Video

Alan Eustace dove from a high-altitude balloon soaring at approximately 135,000 feet. Felix Baumgartner held the record at 128,000 feet. FULL STORY: Footage courtesy Atomic Entertainment and Paragon Space Development Corporation

Crowd Erupts In Laughter at Rugby Player's Outrageous Dive

Why I love rugby. Crowd Erupts In Laughter at Rugby Player's Outrageous Dive. Slap, slap, slap, dive, laugh. Crowd erupts in laughter at Samoan rugby player's attempts to con the referee into penalising his opponent. Twitter: Instagram: _francis_gonzalez_

Fox Snow Dive - Yellowstone - BBC Two

I bet your cats won't be able to catch a mouse as elegantly as this fox. A red fox listens out for mice scurrying six feet beneath the snow before diving head first into the drift to snap up its prey.

Lake Street Dive in the Studio: Rachael Price Sings "What I'm Doing Here" In One Complete Take

When a singer nails it in one take. "What I'm Doing Here" and "Wedding Band" will be released as a 7"-vinyl single on Signature Sounds Recordings as a Record Store Day exclusive on April 19, 2014. Available at fine independent music stores everywhere! Visit to find a s...More

Dive Art

An ode to the beauty of Brooklyn's bathroom art.

M3 Cliff Dive raw footage

BMW M3 cliff diving.

Lake Street Dive Plays "I Want You Back" On a Boston Sidewalk

Dat voice...wait for it. Lake Street Dive is releasing a new EP entitled Fun Machine on May 29, 2012 on Signature Sounds Recordings. Fun Machine features five covers and one original song. Here, the band plays a sidewalk rendition of I Want You Back in Brighton, MA. Lake Street Dive: Rachael Pric...More

Rummu, Sovjet time prison camp transformed into epic beach and dive site!

Abandoned Soviet prison quarry in Estonia. This is Rummu, an abandoned Sovjet prison and forced labor open mine located in Estonia. Underground waters flooded the quarry and the place went from being a horrible punishment facility to becoming one of the most exotic and strange beaches ever seen. Lo...More

BBC Planet Earth - Mandarin duck dive

Brave, little Mandarin ducklings taking the leap - BBC Planet Earth. Clip from BBC Planet Earth episode 10 - Seasonal Forests. First footage of mandarin duck chicks leaving their perilous treetop nests. The cutest thing ever! ^^

Extremely Painful High Dive Disaster

TV presenter experiences painful 10 metre diving disaster. Film producer Chris Chapman trains to take on the ten metre diving board - only for things to go horribly wrong! Filmed in 2009. Produced and Directed by Chris Chapman; Camera - Simon Glass; Editor - Richard Alderson

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