Crazy downhill skateboarders flying by cyclists

Three Skateboarders Passing Cyclists as They Descend the Alps.. Shocking video footage of some very crazy downhill skateboarders flying by cyclists in the ALPS. The skaters are Byron Essert and Alex Tongue.

Kid vs Downhill Mountain Biker

child runs in front of my friend on active mountain bike course.. Practice run was going awesome until I got over the top of this blind drop to find a small child standing on the landing. Unfortunately we both chose the same way to avoid each other, luckily he had a helmet on and was ok. Gave me a h...More

Danny Hart's 2011 World Championship Winning Downhill Run at Champery

How does Danny Hart sit, with balls that big?. Amazing performance from Danny Hart's - Credits for ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Downhill Babes Maryhill Freeride 2012

Maryhill freeride 2012, ladies run! Such a rad weekend :) A big thanks to my sponsors; Royal Board Shop and Rayne Longboards. Thanks so much -- Anna.

Downhill Longboarding CRAZY Near Miss | Just Around the River Bend

High speed longboard ride down a road with blind curves comes to a sudden end. This longboarder goes downhill extremely fast, but when he gets to the bottom, he nearly gets hit by a bus! SUBSCRIBE:

Downhill MTB GoPro footage on epic Austrian track

Another gnarly downhill MTB gopro video but with a big crash!. There's more where that came from right HERE: Claudio Caluori takes us on a crazy ride down the track of the fourth race of the UCI MTB World Cup in Leogang, Austria. You can catch the live world cup race at http://...More

Danny Hart - Champery - 2011 UCI Downhill World Championship

Insane downhill bike run - worth it just for the commentary!. Danny's championship winning run at Champery. Watch this in high definition! "Danny's been show-boating all week" "THAT IS INSANEEEE, CAN HE HOLD IT TOGETHER?!?!?!?" "DANNY, stay on ya bike!" "Danny Hart is on the run of his life!" ...More

11/12/2014 -- Hawaii Lava Flow reaches Transfer Station -- Flowing downhill to Road

This is happening in Hawaii right now as we speak.. Subscribe to Earthspace103's channel for regular updates!! I cannot cover these events during the daytime hours normally. They have high quality updates on multiple earth changes events almost every day (and night).

CONTOUR: Marcelo Gutierrez's Winning Run - Valparaiso Urban Downhill 2013

Awesome 2013 Valparaiso downhill winning run!. This is one of the most unique downhill mountain bike racers you will ever see. Racers bomb down a course through the steep and gnarly streets of Valparaiso Chile.

Downhill mountain biking at The Lookout (Swinley Forest) with Amber the Downhill Dog filmed on GoPro

Amber, the amazing downhill dog.. Downhill freeride mountain biking at The Lookout (Swinley Forest) - GoPro HD with my dog Amber, a Hungarian Vizsla on my Transition TR250.

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