Driving at Night (Nightcrawler / Drive)

A side by side comparison of the night time driving scenes in Nightcrawler (2014) and Drive (2011). Drive (2011) directed by Nicolas Winding Refn Nightcrawler (2014) directed by Dan Gilroy Music: Nightcall - Kavinsky (feat. Lovefoxxx)

Tarantino: The Driving Shots

Part 3 of my 4 part Tarantino series. Though better known for his famous "trunk shots", Quentin Tarantino takes a fun and unique approach to filming his characters traveling. Using a variety of interesting angles, Tarantino keeps us visually in tune as some of his most crucial narrative moments unf...More

Marijuana Intoxication and Driving

A Physician breaks down driving while on Marijuana vs driving on Alcohol. Healthcare Triage Merchandise! http://dft.ba/-HCTmerch How much does weed affect your driving? Why is it on the news so much? This is Healthcare triage News. For those of you who want to read more, here’s the report I re...More

Dog chases ambulance driving his owner

Dog chases injured owner in in an ambulance all the way to the hospital. His owner had a seizure and the ambulance is driving him to the hospital, the dog followed it until they opened the door for him. Such a loyal dog!

Driving & Dying: Point-Of-View Shots In Mad Max

One of the reasons George Miller's action scenes work so well and make so much sense is because they are grounded in the character’s point of view. By doing this he literally puts you into the action using nonverbal visual, almost operatic, storytelling—something Hitchcock would call “pure ci...More

London truck driving. Drivers POV

Incredibly skilled truck driver in London. Using a Gopro. Truck is 8x4 32ton scania

X31MCB - Laptop, mobile phone and headphones whilst driving - Queen's Road, Aberdeen

This bloke is driving a 3 tonne Land Rover in town, looking at a mobile phone, laptop and wearing headphones on both ears. Not only he's not paying any attention to the road, I suspect he's not even on this planet. Criminal. Should I report this one to the police? In the Press: First to publish: h...More

Driving on the Surface of Mars

Scientists are studying Mars from every angle in preparation to send the first human astronauts to the Red Planet. Data from the Curiosity rover has proven invaluable. | For more STRIP THE COSMOS, visit http://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/strip-the-cosmos/#mkcpgn=ytsci1 Subscribe to Science Chan...More

Driving on Air

They gave him $20,000 to build a car out of Legos. Here's what he came up with.. When he was a teenager in Romania, Raul Oaida became obsessed with building things: a jet-engine bike, a tiny spaceship, a LEGO car that runs on air. Why? Well, why not? Subscribe to The Adaptors podcast: https://itune...More

Drug driving campaign - Tinnyvision (Snapchat)

New Zealand's anti Drug driving advertisement. Stoned drivers are a problem in New Zealand. But they don’t want to hear it’s dangerous. Many reckon they actually drive safer and slower when they’re stoned. Thing is, speed’s not the issue. Reaction time is. The problem was compounded by the...More

Captain Risky's Ski Jump Driving (Extended) - Budget Direct

Captain Risky dives, jumps, soars and ski jumps his way into extreme danger. Budget Direct – we don’t insure Captain Risky to keep prices low. Budget Direct - we don't insure Captain Risky to keep prices low.

New Zealand Drug Driving Ad.. Chinese Store

Adorable Chinese takeaway owners on serving high customers. NZTA Shopkeepers Ad campaign..

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