VIDEO: Dublin teenager sheds 3.5 stone after cyber-bullying incident

Overweight Irish teen sheds 3.5 stone after embarrassing night club photo. Conor Doyle enter the W82Go programme after a stranger posted his image to an embarrassing night club photo-sharing site.

Dublin - City of Characters

Dublin - A city full of characters. Music video about DublinĀ“s (Ireland) characters. My camera and I spend 3 days walking around, chasing people and situations around the city. With a cheap tripod as a stabilizer I try to catch the true authentic feel of the "eccentrics and cool" Dubliners. I decid...More

10 Hours of Walking in Dublin City as a Woman

10 Hours of Walking in Dublin City as a "Woman".. After the recent street harassment video by Hollaback, we decided to conduct our own research on the streets of Dublin. Here are the shocking results.... Based on the Hollaback video: Featuring ...More

Class Dublin Taxi Driver

Irish taxi driver gets lucky.. Nismo Ireland doing music for the streets of Dublin

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