Quantum Levitation - Meissner effect.

It's called the Meissner Effect. Video courtesy of the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC), representing the science center and museum field worldwide. To learn more, visit www.astc.org. Follow us on Twitter: @ScienceCenters. Tel-Aviv University demos quantum superconductors locked in ...More

Cause and Effect: the unexpected origins of terrible things

A brand new video essay from delve! 100 summers ago the countries of Europe collapsed quickly into war: it was sudden but also strangely inevitable. Countless books have been written since about the causes of The Great War, but in this video essay we offer an alternative history. By tracing the ...More

Time-Lapse of Buffalo Lake Effect Snow - Nov 18 2014

Video by Jason Holler & Joseph DeBenedictis http://www.twitter.com/joseph_video Video taken with Canon 5D from 31st Floor of One Seneca Tower in Downtown Buffalo, the tallest building in Buffalo. For video usage (outside of embedding this YouTube video) please contact licensing@storyful.com

Hand vs. Liquid Nitrogen and the Leidenfrost Effect

Man sticks hand in liquid nitrogen. I stick my hand (momentarily) directly into liquid nitrogen but don't suffer any injuries due to the Leidenfrost effect. The Leidenfrost effect is the formation of a gas barrier between a hot surface and a boiling liquid if the temperature difference is great e...More

How To Animate a Photo | The 2.5D Effect

This guy makes awesome "2.5D" animations from photographs. Learn how to create motion in still photographs, a technique made popular in the film The Kid Stays In The Picture. In the tutorial above, Joe Fellows shows us how he's able to bring photos to life using the parallax effect with P...More

Ghostly Apparitions - Holographic Effect In Doorway

Terrifying ghost holograms for Halloween.... A quick test of projecting the "Ghostly Apparitions" dvd onto a semi-transparent mesh fabric hung in a doorway to create a holographic effect. It's a quick & cheap alternative to the Pepper's Ghost Illusion setup. The scenes filmed in this test can ...More

The Natural Effect

Funny video that tells the truth behind "Natural" foods.. Learn more online at http://bit.ly/1aWC0H1. "The False Advertising Industry" reveals the shocking truth about what is allowed in "Natural" food. Only the USDA Organic Seal guarantees your food contains no Genetically Modified Organi...More

Tree branch falls on power lines - high voltage - Wicked Effect

Tree branch falls on power lines with some interesting sounds. Visit http://www.skyhighhobby.com for more info..this must be over 100,000 volts of electricity, amazing how a piece of branch can burn like nothing with so much voltage. remember 1 KV = 1000 Volts so my guess is the KV in this video mu...More

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