SHOCKING interview with Valve employee about selling mods on the workshop

Valve employee about selling mods on the workshop. This video can be bought for the low starting price of 7.99$ on the steam workshop. The above sentence is sarcasm, and not a real offer.

McDonald's Employee Gets Fired & Goes Crazy In St. Paul, MN

McDonald's Employee freaks out in St. Paul, MN. In St. Paul, MN, Midway McDonald's on Snelling & University.

Walmart Employee KO's Manager After Heated Confrontation!!!!!

Walmart Employee Knocks Out Manager After Heated Confrontation!!. After an employee feels disrespected about an incident the night before, He confronts the manager and calls him a racist. The manager and the associate exchanges words Walmart Employee Knocks Out Manager After Heated Confrontation!!!...More

Wrecker Services Inc Minneapolis, MN Towing Employee Meltdown aka Tow king freakout

My buddy placed his parking ticket upside-down mistakenly and the guy that came to tow his truck explodes and calls my buddy a "faggot" for recording it.. This is how Wrecker treats people. On 05/18/12 My buddy had a parking ticket in his car, he mistakenly put it face down, they proceed ...More

Burger King Employee Assaults Customer Asking for Refund

Fast Food employee threatens customer asking for a refund. A Burger King employee was caught on video assaulting a customer after they had demanded a refund for what they claim was a badly made milkshake. At one point, the Burger King employee comes out from behind the counter after she sees her pic...More


This is how you do a phone prank. SUBSCRIBE! ► NEW Domino's Pizza Prank ► MORE PRANKS! ► DOUCHEBAGGERY PLAYLIST ► FACEBOOK GIVEAWAYS ► T-SHIRTS ► http://mediocrefi...More


How I spent my Black Friday.. Find it on Reddit - For the craziest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, we dressed up like employees from a store, to fool customers into thinking we worked there. Give this video a thumbs up if you would like to see us do this more, and comm...More

Terri the Dancing Tim Horton's Employee

One of the employees at my university's Tim Horton's brightens the day of student on campus every day. We crowdfunded a vacation for her.. Terri is employed at a campus Tim's at McMaster University, where she consistently puts a smile on the faces of students with her dance moves, singing, and messa...More

Contractor did not pay employee, WRECKS CONTRACTORS CAR ! Mining truck

Employee Crushes Contractors car with a Mining Truck for not Paying. contractors better pay your employees or else...

Confessions of a Disney Employee pt.2

A New Confessions of a Disney employee. This man is hilarious.. Oh just sharing some more adventures that went down while working at the most magical place on the planet (Walt Disney World). All artwork done in deviantART muro:

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