VICE on HBO Season 2: Crude Awakening and The Enemy of My Enemy (Episode 9)

HBO/VICE goes back to BP spill scene. The aftermath 5 years later is horrifying. (1st 15 min only). In the ninth episode of our second season of VICE on HBO, Shane Smith heads to Louisiana to report on the lasting effects of the BP oil spill. Then, VICE investigates why Yemen is at the top of the wo...More

CRUK | Cancer Research UK | 'Enemy' TV Ad

Its cancers turn to be afraid. Research has beaten polio. Research is beating HIV. One day, we will beat cancer. Help us make is sooner. Share our new TV ad with your friends and family and let us know what you think. #ResearchKillsCancer

Enemy of the State (1998) - 1080p HD - Full Movie

Enemy of the State is on YouTube in its entirety. For a movie made in 1998, it's eerily relevant.. Jack Black makes an awesome tech nerd in this movie.

In the eyes of the enemy - Batman

Now it makes sense, why they constantly freaked out in the cartoon. This is an experimental video. The main point of this video is to see things from another perspective, from the point of view of those who are not important to the plot they're involved in. In this particular case, for example, when...More

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