David Fincher's Extreme Close-Ups

The extreme close-up may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of David Fincher's unique visual aesthetic. That's because Fincher's extreme close-ups don't call attention to themselves. The filmmaker stitches the shots into his pictures in a way that is subtle and fluid, yet imp...More

Louis Theroux- Extreme love Autism compilation

Louis Theroux - Extreme Love: Autism compilation.

Extreme Heat | Climate Wisconsin

This multimedia video produced by the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board features Elijah Furquan, a spoken word artist in Milwaukee, WI, who describes the effects of extreme heat on his urban community. More info and educational resources available at http://climatewisconsin.org/. Prod...More

Would you jump off a 25 story building? Extreme crazy freestyle airbag stunt BAGJUMP Greg Roe

Would you jump off a 25 story building? Extreme crazy freestyle airbag stunt BAGJUMP Greg Roe. Seriously, would you dare to do it? Greg Roe would! Jumping into a BAGJUMP Freestyle airbag is the latest trend and is a great new event idea and advertising idea. No strings attached just free falling int...More

Extreme wood bending with ammonia

Apparently you can bend wood using gaseous ammonia, this is a pretty cool demonstration of it. Also this channel has a ton of cool DIY type stuff.. Bending wood with ammonia is not really DIY, but I show the process, which is extremely effective. There is also a commercial product that is pre-treat...More

Extreme Low Pass

Extreme Low Pass. Glenn Pew (http://www.glennpew.com/) for AVweb.com. Presumably the low pass of an Argentinean FMA IA 63 Pampa. This footage has been floating around the web, compiled here for your viewing pleasure.

Extreme Enduro POV Race Through the City

Watch the best action from Extreme XL de Lagares: http://win.gs/1sRfPIJ Follow along from Ben Hemingway's point of view as he goes head-to-head with Andreas Lettenbichler for the city portion of Extreme XL de Lagares, the hard enduro race through the city of Portugal. _ Experience the world of Red...More

Extreme Speed Hand Sewing Machine

So this guy likes to push things to the limit by putting too much power through them! check out his other vids. Extreme Speed Hand Sewing Machine

Tarantino's Extreme Close Ups

Part 2 of my upcoming 4 part Tarantino series. Quentin Tarantino is the master of the extreme close up and utilizes the technique for a variety of reasons. The shots are often used to convey the gravity of a particular situation or the manipulative strength of a character's vice. Some express pow...More


DVDs & APPAREL - http://www.bustedknuckle.com The Final Race of the 2014 Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing Season was held at Morris Mountain ORV in Heflin, Alabama and was nothing short of Epic. After some nasty crashes and pile of destroyed vehicles Matt Myrick of Busted Knuckle took home the win. Hi...More

Extreme Road Rage on 880N - 04/27/13 at ~09:45 - Camry 3RTL661

Road rage idiot in a camry nearly causes accident on highway. Update: I've given my written statement to my local CHP office which is forwarding it along with a copy of the video to the CHP office with jurisdiction over where this occurred. I'm not sure what will happen now, or if they would even in...More

Extreme crosswind landing in Las Vegas

Extreme crosswind landing in Las Vegas. Young pilot gains valuable crosswind landing experience in gusty 33mph conditions. Aircraft is a Cessna T310Q. Runway 25 at KVGT in Las Vegas. Approach is "over the numbers" (25 at McCarran KLAS), then left base onto final for 25 at KVGT.

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