McLaren P1 vs McLaren F1 | evo REVIEW

McLaren F1 vs. P1. One letter and 20 years separate the McLaren F1 and McLaren P1 from each other. Yet both deliver nothing short of an incredible driving experience. In a rare opportunity, evo's Henry Catchpole drives the pair of supercars back to back. Find out his verdict.

Unbelievable World-Record Truck Jump by EMC and Lotus F1 Team

Jumping a truck over an F1 car. Why jump a giant semi-truck over a speeding Formula 1 car? If you're EMC and Lotus F1 Team, it's a unique way to demonstrate how we "Redefine Motorsports," bringing the power of EMC technology to the Lotus F1 Team—and setting a world record in the process! Full vide...More

F1 Pit Stops: 1950 And Today

They've certainly refined their technique over the last 60 years.

F1: Then And Now

Sir Sterling Moss, one of the legends of the sport, meets with champion Lewis Hamilton to discuss how Formula One has changed since Moss' last race in 1962.

ART OF F1 2014 - Season Review

Season review of year 2014. Edited by Miran Dilberovic @MiranDD9 Song: Dies Irae by Ctrl-Z Check it! This video is fair use under U.S.copy right law because it is (1)non commercial (2)transforma...More

Ferrari F1 V10 Pure Sound at Monza Circuit - Ferrari F2001, F2002 & F2005

EarPorn: Four V10 Ferraris Tear It Up Around A Deserted Monza. Flickr Page: Facebook page: Google+ page: Watch and hear 4 Ferrari F1 cars (two Ferrari F2002, a F2001 an...More

F1 2013 vs 2014 sound comparison - Melbourne

The difference new engines make in Formula 1. A sound comparison between 2013 and 2014 F1 cars on the pit straight at Albert Park.

Brabham BT46 B - "The Fan Car" : Historic F1

A brief history of the F1 fan car, a race car that uses a fan to create a negative pressure under the chassis.. This is the innovative Brabham "Fan Car" designed by one of F1's greatest designers: Gordon Murray. The cars were only raced at the 1978 Swedish Grand Prix, ...More

Epic Ride in McLaren F1 with Sir Simon Kidston - Onboard / Accelerations / Loud Sound

3 years ago I had the chance to have 11 minutes of dream in the most epic Supercar of the world ! It's fast, it's hard, it's noisy, trust me, it's AMAZING ! I can never thank enough Sir S. Kidston for that moment...

Stig’s Incredible F1 Bungee Jump! – Top Gear – BBC

Click here to watch the Stig stealing a F1 car: Having had his recently acquired Lotus F1 Team car shipped to South Africa, Stig discovers there are many more temptations awaiting his eager hands in the stadium at the Top Gear Festival Durban. Will he swap his Lotus F1 ...More

F1 - Germany 2012 - Onboard Best Moments

F1 on board footage from the 2012 german GP. Absolutely mental. Look at the pit stop after 1:36.

Melbourne F1 2013 speed comparison

Melbourne a new F1 2013 speed comparison. Mercedes AMG vs V8 Supercar vs F1 car.. Speed comparison with Casey Stoner, Mick Doohan and David Coulthard. Extended version link-

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