Airbus A340 EMERGENCY - Engine Failure

Plane loses an engine during the filming of a TV show.. --- subtitles now available --- ►►► annotations must be enabled! Auf dem Weg von Zürich nach Shanghai wurde während des Fluges eine erhöhte Öl Temperatur in Triebwerk Nummer 3 festgestellt. Der Flug musste abgebrochen werden, eine Si...More

Xbox One disc drive failure : the next generation is here

Xbox One Disc Drive Failure - The Next Generation Of Gaming Is Here!. Be ready to experience the ultimate ASMR video.

Court room feint attempt FAILURE - Hilarious

Man pretends to have heart attack... trial continues around him with judge clearly not bothered by the dumb acting. Submit and get paid! Subscribe! I guess he's just a sleep? EPIC

PS4 failure edition : the next generation is here

Oh, did you say that the Xbox one was having disk tray failures?. Greatness still awaits.

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