Colbert Catechism: Stephen Colbert Professes His Faith to Fr. James Martin

Stephen Colbert Talks About his Catholic Faith. America Media brings you a brand-new interview w Stephen Colbert on Stephen's Catholic smarts.

How To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Lost your faith in humanity? This may help.. These 10 moments just might restore your faith in our species. Music: "Innercalm," by Transient

Climate Change: Faith and Fact

Christian and climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe on ending the gridlock between politics, science and faith.

135 Shots That Will Restore Your Faith in Cinema

A tribute to cinematography composed of 135 shots from 86 films that answers the question, "What are the most beautiful movies ever made?"

The Graham Norton Show 2012 S11x10 Emily Blunt, Russell Brand, Paloma Faith. Part 1

Graham Norton goes looking for engaged couples on show... things take a funny turn. The Graham Norton Show - 2012 - S11x10 Featuring Emily Blunt, Russell Brand and Paloma Faith. Part 1 Russell's night is described in this article.

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