Ami Horowitz: Ferguson Protestors Call for Darren Wilson's Death

Black community's feelings on white people in Ferguson. Ami Horowitz, on the streets in Ferguson, MO following the grand jury decision, interviews black protestors who claim Darren Wilson should be lynched, say all white people are racist, black people are the real Jews, and Barack Obama has done no...More

CNN interview gets testy over Ferguson protests

This is Bassem Masri's interview with CNN. He's the guy who was live streaming at Ferguson tonight and had his phone snatched. If you didn't figure already from his stream, this guy is your classic asshole!. CNN's Michael Smerconish spoke with Bassem Masri about the escalating protests in Ferguson, ...More

Marquis Govan, 11, talks of justice in Ferguson

Correspondent Jane Pauley introduces us to Marquis Govan, an eloquent young man who spoke out about the social issues facing Ferguson, Mo., and who is already planning his life in politics.

What's happened in Ferguson: Now what, America?

Charlie LeDuff - What's happened in Ferguson: Now what, America?. Black town. White cops. Somewhere here in Ferguson, Missouri, U.S.A., is the slippery idea of community. An idea, if you think about it, we've never really reached at all.

Racism and Police targeting in Ferguson and St Louis County.

This is a really good explanation of why Ferguson, MO is so unstable right now and why it's going to get worse.. Residents in STLC feel targeted, and after what we heard from the DoJ it's not surprising in the least. Evidence of racism was found in emails between court officials and members of the F...More

FERGUSON RIOTS - Civilian Gets his Phone Stolen while Livestreaming

Bassem Masri gets his phone stolen while live streaming Ferguson protest. Bassem Masri, while livestreaming the riots Ferguson events, gets his phone stolen while the stream is still ongoing. He says it's a police agitator aka a thug DIRECT LINK TO HIS TWEET:

What no one wants to say about Ferguson!

found this interesting. It had to be said. Warning, Explicit Language Prince EA // @PrinceEa

Charles Barkley Talks Race, Ferguson, & Sad Cast of Characters Like Sharpton

Charles Barkley hits the nail on the head regarding the Ferguson Incident. Charles Barkley (CNN) On Ferguson Eric Garner. Notion Of White Cops Killing Black People Is Ridiculous. Charles Barkley got some flak for comments he made defending the police and Officer Darren Wilson in the wake of violence...More

The Media in Ferguson

Is the media part of the problem in Ferguson? Charlie LeDuff Reports.. In Ferguson, Missouri, speculation is high among the media that the Grand Jury decision on whether to charge a white officer in the shooting of an unarmed black teenager may come as early as tomorrow. In the meantime, the media ...More

Looted Ferguson Shop Owner Gives Us All A Much-Needed Smile

"Sonny Dayean owns a cell phone store that was looted early Saturday morning amid protests related to the death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. Police released a video Friday allegedly showing Brown robbing a convenience store, sparking fresh outrage in the already tense town. The Ferguson police...More

The roots of unrest in Ferguson, explained in 2 minutes

I didn't know what was happening in Ferguson until I saw this video. I Hope it helps others understand what's happening.. Read the latest updates here: The residents of Ferguson, Missouri, have take...More

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