McDonald's Employee Gets Fired & Goes Crazy In St. Paul, MN

McDonald's Employee freaks out in St. Paul, MN. In St. Paul, MN, Midway McDonald's on Snelling & University.

Fired for being gay? Meet Tom. Tom is a hardworking Michigander who is great at his job. But Tom is gay, and that means right now in Michigan Tom can legally be fired just for being gay. Help us change the law in Michigan by signing the petition at

Al Roker Nails Matt Lauer For His Part In Ann Curry Being Fired From The Today Show Anchor Seat

Al Roker calls out Matt Lauer live on air over Ann Curry leaving the Today Show. It's the smoking gun! From The Huffington Post Did Al Roker really just go there? On Thursday's "Today" show, the NBC weatherman made a very intriguing remark during an interview with the U.S. women's Olympic rowing te...More

Feminist tries to get Veterans Fired over TWITTER!

Feminist tries to get Veterans fired over twitter!. I'm used to professional victim feminists being vapid and narcissistic, but to be honest this one sickened me. I actually know a LOT about the history of war, and the men who fought in them. It is clear to me that no one escapes the horrors of co...More

Cop Fired for Speaking Out Against Ticket and Arrest Quotas

Cop Fired for Speaking Out Against Ticket and Arrest Quotas. Auburn, Alabama is home to sprawling plains, Auburn University, and a troubling police force. After the arrival of a new police chief in 2010, the department entered an era of ticket quotas and worse. "When I first heard about the quotas ...More

Tim Pool and Amber Lyon fired on by Anaheim Police with riot weapons

I'm a Journalist. Last night I was shot at by Anaheim police with riot weapons.. While covering the Anaheim protests, APD begin firing riot control impact weapons at Tim Pool and Amber Lyon. Neither Tim nor Amber were hurt. Amber was pinned between two trucks and Tim was fired at multiple times afte...More

Judge Napolitano: How to get fired from Fox Business in under 5 mins

Napolitano, a former New Jersey Superior Court Judge, Fox show cancled after this Clip was Aired. The Judge speaking the TRUTH!

COPS TV Show, Shots Fired

Shots Fired - YouTube. Officer Caleb Lenz of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department attempts to catch up to an officer that is in pursuit of a stolen vehicle that was spotted earlier in the evening. As he races to the scene, the officer radios shots fired and soon afterwards radios that he has b...More

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