12 Food Items You Can Smoke Out Of | Foodbeast Labs

If you don't have a pipe or a bong for your stash, you can count on these 12 fruits, vegetables, candies and donuts to be by your side. http://www.foodbeast.com http://www.facebook.com/foodbeast http://www.twitter.com/foodbeast http://www.instagram.com/foodbeast ------------------------------- S...More

10 Unconventional Ways To Open A Wine Bottle | Foodbeast Labs

WARNING: Using a blowtorch to open a bottle of wine is really dangerous. It works, but seriously, shit could explode in your face probably. ------- Sometimes you just don't have a corkscrew for that $3 bottle of Charles Shaw. We've found 10 other ways to crack it open with stuff you might have la...More

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