Fr. Roderick watches the Star Wars trailer

This priest wins the most heartwarming Star Wars trailer reaction award (x-post from /r/StarWars). I filmed myself watching the new #StarWars teaser trailer for the first time. I heard that JJ Abrams saw this video and loved it! How cool is that? Here are a few more things you might want to check ou...More


More great swedish comedy was just released. På en helt vanlig arbetsplats pågår en helt vanlig könsdiskriminering. (On a normal office with ordinary sexism going on.)

Colbert Catechism: Stephen Colbert Professes His Faith to Fr. James Martin

Stephen Colbert Talks About his Catholic Faith. America Media brings you a brand-new interview w Stephen Colbert on Stephen's Catholic smarts.

POESI FÖR FISKAR - Vaskduellen

Swedish humour at it's finest. Stockholms stekigaste gäng drabbar samman i en duell om vem som är rikast.

POESI FÖR FISKAR - De Arbetslösa

"The Unemployed", More Swedish humor!. Den svenska arbetslösheten har sträckt sig ända ner i den undre världen.

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