Devil Giraffe

My roommate purchased a $10 toy from a knockoff toy store. I think it's possessed by Satan.. Meet our new friend

Giraffe Copenhagen Zoo chief: 'I like animals'

Chief of Danish zoo rationally defends the killing of a healthy young giraffe to an outraged BBC reporter. The giraffe was dissected in front of children for educational purposes and later fed to lions.. The chief of Copenhagen Zoo, Bengt Holst, whose decision to kill a healthy giraffe that was "sur...More

Woman Chased by Giraffe (WITH MUSIC)

Woman Chased By Giraffe. Now with epic chase music.. Had to be done. Music is "The Great T-Rex Chase" - John Williams. 

Shoutout to redditor panty_hunter for finding the original.

A giraffe kicked a naughty rhino

Giraffe has had enough of a rhino's shit and kicks him. Even best friends sometimes fight. A giraffe kicked a naughty rhino. "To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email"

Giraffe chasing jeep - Must go faster

Giraffeic Park. A Mashup of the original "Giraffe chasing jeep" video, with audio from the famous chase scene (Must go faster!) from Jurassic Park™. Original:

Giraffe and 1150 GS

This giraffe really likes BMW R1150GS. This Giraffe really likes the BMW 1150 Adv...

Giraffe Slugfest

Giraffe gets knocked the fuck out.. Caught in the Act: GPU Reversions : TUE APR 24 at 8P et/pt : A fight between two giraffe bulls ends with a knockout blow.

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